My FULL REVIEW of the Space A40!


Thanks for sharing


now @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS is someone I trust in reviews I like his reviews in products and I trust his reviews to be completely straightforward so when I have a chance after all the running around I have today after working 8 days straight to listen completely to this. Did you review the new headphones ? and if you did can you tell me about the weight and bulkiness of the Q45 headphones as they seem like they weigh more and are bulkier from all that I see so far I think I will be disappointed in them, which is a shame, because of these two factors I do not like bulky or weight on my head but have trouble with ear buds because of fit from what I am hearing these buds will be better for me because of this . Cant wait to check this video out in detail.


There’s a Q45 Vs Q35 review here and was giving replies an hour ago.

There’s objective weight of measurement but subjective which is personal and probably related to tightness and padding.


Nice review and comparisons, really handy. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for this I love the q30 and Q35 I personally find the size of ear opening of the 35 slightly better although the difference must be mm the 20 touches my ears to much and the headband of the 20 is horrible on my head as it centers weight on my head in a way that feels it is being crushed by weights. The weight of the 30 and 35 are slightly to much for me but bearable. Plus the design of the headband is almost comfortable enough. Fussy pots I know but I won’t wear em if not good for comfort. I tried a pair from a friend which is high rated top of the line and high end couldn’t take more than 30 seconds I thought my head was in a vise. Lol in my years I have tried hundreds of headphones on before even checking sound because I would hate to fall in love with sound quality but feel like I can’t wear them. So I test comfort then narrow it down then go for best sound. So hopefully this will discuss fit and comfort in it’s comparison

Best is to wait for owners to give more reviews and you can ask questions.

I reckon in less than a week you’ll know enough to decide. New owners should get in next days.

I expect Q45 to feel very similar to Q35.

The 20% discount codes valid for ample time.


My Q45 review will be released tomorrow. I was forced to reshoot due to a bad mic connection.


Thanks for sharing. As soon as I finish the Q45 review, I’ll dive into this one!

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There is no reviewer or tech channel on any platform who does a better job than El jefe. I’ve bought countless pairs of tws and one pair of iem after watchin his channel for years and every single one of em has been spot on. Thanks for always bein you jefe and helping people like myself to make good purchases have decisions!!!


And a comparison against L3P

I love his reviews as well always straight to the point, he does not hold punches and speaks in a way I understand. @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS FTW :slight_smile:

These earbuds exceeded my expectations