My Initial Impressions of the Fog Gray Liberty 3 Pro (Retail Version)

I received the Fog Gray L3P on Monday and what follows are my initial impressions of them along with some pictures I’ve taken.


  1. Drivers: Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture 2.0
  2. HearID Active Noise Cancellation
  3. Up to 8 Hours Playtime (32 with Charging Case)
    4.Ultimate Hi-Res Experience (LDAC)
  4. 6 Mic AI Uplink Noise Reduction
  5. USB C Charging and Wireless Charging Capable


  1. I’m very happy with them so far.
  2. Excellent Bass, Great Mids, and Treble. Nothing tramples over anything else.
  3. Good Soundstage.

I tested them out with my standby Pink Floyd -. Dark Side of the Moon along with lots of other tracks. They sound excellent. The sound pans seamlessly. I had a big smile on my face.

I updated them to Firmware v.04.71 this morning. Both before and after the update I haven’t been experiencing any dropouts. I’m using them with my LG G8, both with and without LDAC engaged. So far they have been Rock Solid!

In my brief time with them so far, everything works as it should.

Bottom Line:
These are the best Earbuds I’ve ever used. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for top notch sound at a relatively reasonable price (they punch well above their weight class).

Note: This is my EQ setting so far. I swear, if I had the Bass turned all the way up, they would blow my head off! :rofl:

I can’t see how anyone would be disappointed with the sound these produce (that includes the whole range - Bass, Mids, and Treble). :clap:


Great you are happy with that grey ones.
I am sure these would fit to my grey hairs perfectly. :rofl:

Photos and text are perfect as usual Steve.


Too funny. :rofl::rofl:

PS Thanks for the kind words! :+1:


Nice and I always love the extra earbuds and tips. If I remember correctly. The L2P came with the tips on them vs the L3P not having them on there.

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Thanks for the photos and your feedback about the earbuds.
I’m glad that you are happy :+1:t2:.
What do you think: Are the ear tips made of the same material as the Liberty Air 2 Pro?
Is there a better match?
For example, do the ear tips from Liberty Air 2 Pro match these earbuds?

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Nive unboxing and great photos.

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I haven’t tested that out yet. The Medium tips along with the medium Earwings that came preinstalled fit me like a glove. Passed the Fit Test the 1st time.

I believe the tips are made out of the same material. I also seem to recall the L3P tips grip the Earbud Nozzle so they are less likely to come off as you remove them from your ear. Not that I’ve ever personally had that problem with any Soundcore Ear-tip before

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Thanks You @VertigoXX. I appreciate that! :+1:

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Doing the difference game, I noticed that the earbuds have a little soundcore d symbol on them which I did not have on the L2Pros. I just thought that was kinda interesting. Do not know if that is on the retail version and it may have just been for the beta version or display version.

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