My Liberty Air 2 earbuds charge slowly or is it normal?

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I just want to ask how long do you have to charge the earbuds of Soundcore Liberty Air 2? The earbuds, not the case. I have been charging it for more than 3 hours now but it is not yet 100%.

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I think it depends on the case and earbuds battery life as well as cable and charger…

If the case is at zero and the earbuds are at zero, the charge will have to charge the earbuds and case which means a longer time to charge than you may thing they normally did. If you start to charge at 1 dot, the one dot could be anywhere from almost zero to 30 percent.

If it is not at zero (all three dots not lit when opened) then the issue may be the cable or charger is going bad if it taking like 5 to six hours as I would think around 3 or 3 and 1/2 would be about right for earbuds and case at zero percent. Try a different cable and/or charger if it is taking like 5 hours to charge or more.

Worse case it is the case and you can contact support for that if needed.

The only thing which can be altered is the cable, because all works.
Case and buds are charging.

If your case is futty charged, just be patient. It depends on how low the Buds were and how much power the case provides.

I charged the earbuds overnight and woke up with only 80%. It did not go full 100%

I would at least try another cable and charger and the contact support at

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Almost certainly a bad cable, or next most likely is bad charger. Look for debris in the case port and cable and you did actually remove the plastic inside the case and on buds?

Batteries do age and lose capacity. You can recalibrate via using til fully drained then fully charge. You don’t get more battery capacity, just more accurate, i.e. the new 100% was the same as the old 80%.

2 years is about the right time for 80%

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Were they still charging (Charging light lit)? Depending on how many cycles you have put on them, that might be all you are going to get.

PS Soundcore offers an 18 Month Warranty.