My Life Q35 Review

So I’ve had the Q35s for I think a little over a month now and I thought it was about time for a review. So first I just want to say I really love these headphones I don’t have a lot of bad things to say about these. The only thing I can actually compare these to is my skullcandy hesh 2s because those are the only decent headphones I’ve had. I’m going to start with the Cons since there isn’t a whole lot.
They don’t clamp on my head tight enough for my liking and I ran into an auto pause function problem where my music kept pausing on my head
and i think it was because of the clamping issue but I just shut it off so now it doesn’t happen.
And the transparency mode I wish was stronger.
Sound quality 10/10 :ok_hand: it’s beautiful especially compared to my hesh 2s but that’s $130 vs $50 :laughing:
Comfort 9/10 the reason for a not perfect score is they get hot kinda fast but ive gotten used to used to it but they are super comfy.
ANC 9/10 I think because there already over ears they already have some noise canceling so the ANC is really good I just think it would be better if there was a tighter clamp.
Style 100/10 :laughing: I really like the look of these headphones if you can’t tell by the rating. I love the shape and the matte color also the blue is sexy. That’s right I said sexy lol :laughing:
Honorable Mention:
I love the case and that the headphones fold. Obviously they have to for the case but still lol

Well that sums up my review. Overall I think they are incredible and soundcore continues to amaze me when it comes to comfort and quality as far as sound and build.


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