My new AK-A3116011

Woke up to find Soundcore did a 30% off on the Motion+…(Just like Amazon did w/EarlyPrimeAccess). Ordered one ~10 am…had it by 3:30pm!.

Solid and Heavy. I plugged it into my usb-C power-block and got a solid Red indicator light.
I went ahead and powered it up, checked BT on my phone (Moto G7 Power) and it paired no problem, and showed 100% battery.

Opened the Soundcore app, and it notified me of a ‘new’ device, connected… and it immediately presented me with the firmware update…(took <10 min.), and both my phone and the M+ reported 90% charge…must have been the update recalibrating?.

My first BT speaker was an Oontz 3, which vanished into the ether along with its case…(my co-workers laughed at my $19 flash-sale-speaker, until they heard it, lol.).
I took a chance on the SC2 (6-watt) and then upgraded to the (12-watt)…now I need help, I’m addicted…SC2-6/12watt, Flare2, M+…in the last 20 days…I need an intervention.

I’ll update, I have some testing/comparisons to do. :grinning:

Update # 1
Wow…the ‘preset’ sound profiles, suck…the genius is the App-based EQ, that sticks to the device…(note: It ‘sticks’ to ‘each’ device, individually).

This is not a BOOM-BOX…(i.e., bass is relative) but the ‘clarity’ is awesome!.
Having to learn how my phone/d’app works… is a bit frustrating, likely ‘user-error’…whatever.

Tested the SC2 (12-watt), Flare 2 (20-watt), and this awesome M+ (30-watt) w/Beach Boys songs…in a 12x12’ room… great volume of ‘sound’…and the EQ can boost it plenty.

This is not a ‘Party Speaker… per se’… the EQ is what truly makes this a ‘stand-out’…two paired in TWS must be awesome. Well-done, SoundCore!.

Here’s a link to my carry case thread…Silicon Carry Case/Motion+ (Updated)


The Motion+ is a very nice speaker. Congrats on getting one. :+1:

Here’s a review I did comparing it to the Motion Boom (another really nice speaker).

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Glad you like it. I also have the M+ and

Is my main experience. Good for listening to voice without a bass heavy bias

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Made a wrong link, sorry.

I had this speaker and gave it to a friend.
The tweeters are excellent, so the sound (clarity in high frequencies) is perfect.
I would use two of these in TWS mode

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I gave this to my father and from what I am getting it is a very good speaker. Play with it for a few and you should give out a review of it for us. (like and dislikes)

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