My sound core liberty air 2 are very quiet

Hey, my sound core liberty air 2 are extremely quiet. I’m on android and have tried resetting, syncing the bluetooth media, and repairing them. Please help, thank you.

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What does that mean?

As far I know there is a volume control at the earbuds and the android.
Have you tried adjustments on both possibilities?

Although I am on iOS… there was a recent link to similar issues with android platform

If that doesn’t work, try doing hard reset and go through the forget device and re-pair process again.

Good luck

I don’t have any at the moment but if i did have a pair i’m sure they would be quiet too.

There are 3 places for volume. Total overall Android volume. Bluetooth media volume. Application volume. You have to find which one is low. Typically the volume up is bring done to media volume and the overall volume is low capping what you hear.

I agree. I find I have not had any issues with sound.

Maybe ear wax has built up in the grills. Try to clean the outside out and then for the inside, use q-tips damped in hydrogen peroxide to melt the wax out

My discoveries:

This problem appeared after enable one-tap volume control.
One-tap does not control system volume settings but the earbuds own volume settings.
Unpair-pair worked for me and then I realised that it is easier to single-tap a few times (the right eardub by default).
Hope it helped.
Have fun