My soundcore Life P3 earbuds are not connecting with the replacement charger I bought

Hi has anyone else has this issue. I lost my og charging case, it literally vanished in my room and I’ve pulled the place apart multiple times and still couldn’t find it so I ordered a new one from Soundcore and paid for it and they send it out. It arrived today and I placed my earbuds into it and charged the case with earbuds inside.
When it was fully charged I made sure there was no P3 paired to my Samsung tablet or my phone and tried to connect to one and then the other (not at the same time as I know that can’t be done)
Neither would pair.
Also the button to reset is not flashing after holding for ten seconds. It appears as if the charger doesn’t recognise my earpods ?
Can amyone help. Is the charger defective ?

Usually 4 seconds should send the p3 in pairing mode.
I would try to reset phone as well.
If they do not then contact to see if they can help.

Thanks for the advice, sorry I didn’t reply to you, I contacted Soundcore and apparently there were two models of the P3 docking case and I got the wrong one for my buds so they resent the other one and now they are working fine again.

A few weeks later I found the original case under my bed where I had looked three times with a flashlight ! It’s like it just appeared . Typical!