My Soundcore Life Q35 YouTube video Review

So Sorry for the delay in getting this out, Here is my video review/unboxing of the Life Q35 over the ear headphones. I not only show unboxing of the product, but also first time use from my son and my wife whom has sensory issues. I found that these are the perfect headphones for my wife to use because of the more refined ANC and transparency modes as well. I have to say that Soundcore really stepped their game up with these in terms of not only sound quality but the more refined ANC and transparency modes, gone are the times where I felt like I was listening to pure static noise in transparency mode and the total immersion and blocking of external sounds with the ANC. Great job Soundcore!!!

I do apologize for this being a week or two late, my original Audio files got corrupted and I had to switch editing software because of it. Not to mention my son graduating 8th grade so I lost track of time. Anyway I had to narrate the first half due to audio being lost so I hope its up to par for your liking.
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Thanks for the review!

Thanks mate

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Guess no ones cares about my review :cry:

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Hi @Tank , well done unboxing and review. I am doubtful that you will be getting them back, as it seemed your wife really liked them.

Thanks for taking the time to go through how to download and setup the app and headphones from the beginning, all reviews I have seen to date have assumed the user has already done so,

Lastly, very solid choice in background music, it complimented you narration and video very well.

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Thanks, and yea my wife already claimed them and has been using them when out and about. Her sensory issue becomes non existent when she uses these so its a major plus for her.

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Nice review thanks for sharing with us!

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Nive review. Thanks

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Nice review, @Tank. It just took me a few days to get to watch the video. At work, I had been pretty busy testing some new software and reviewing the requirements and at home the kids are just out of school and having me play some Jackbox party games and such.

As we talked earlier about the different sensory issues our family members have and how something simple as affordable ANC headphones can help relieve some discomfort, it is awesome.

Keep up the good work.

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I haven’t been spending much time over here, nice review.

What has your experience been with the on ear detection?

I had to turn it off - the other day I went for a walk, and my podcast was just turning on and off for no apparent reason until I disabled that. Not sure why, but my motion was triggering it. I have had it happen before too, that was just the final straw. Inconvenience outweighed the convenience.

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Yea I like the motion detection, but I found if your sweaty and get hot easily then your body heat can trigger the sensors. My wife uses it and doesn’t have a problem, but I’m always hot so I too have to disable it

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I wasn’t hot or sweaty, just in motion. Sometimes it works great, but when it doesn’t it is too frustrating to keep fighting with.

As I mentioned in another review @jercox and @Tank, wear detection seems like a hard thing to get right for everyone. I don’t know if it’s possible, but if they could have it user adjustable (sensitivity setting), I think that would help immensely. Just my 2 cents.

I have a set of Jabra over ear headphones, and I have never had them get it wrong, for anyone I have known to use it.

There are other drawbacks, including price. But power (fold them up to turn them off) and ear detection (just take them off) are things they got right.

Sensitivity adjustment would be good, but for future models they should change where the sensor is so it doesn’t get triggered for certain people by accident.