My Spirit X vs Spirit Pro Review

Hey guys hope you all had a good day or will have a good day depending on where you guys are. I’ve been wanting to write reviews for 3 Soundcore products I own but instead of having 3 reviews, I decided to just combine 2 of those together since the products aren’t as interesting as they used to be due to growth of true-wireless earbuds. That being said, this is the comparison review of Spirit X and Spirit Pro as the title already suggests. Keep in mind these are both pre-2019 models so the Spirit X are not the updated 2019 ones. These are both bought by me relatively recently and are both still covered under the standard 18 month warranty. If you want more information about these, check the Amazon pages of Spirit Pro and Spirit X because I won’t be going in detail here.

I won’t be doing an unboxing of sorts but here are photos comparing them:

Spirit X contents

Spirit Pro contents

Charging and Battery Life

Both are charged using the provided Micro USB cables as are pretty much most of the non true wireless earbuds. The Spirit Pro are my sister’s earbuds and during her testing they last for about 13 hrs which is 3 more than the advertised 10 hrs. Of course the results will vary based on what you listen to and how loud you listen. Spirit X, on the other hand, lasted just under 15.5 hrs when I test them. I should mention now that I did have to send the Spirit X back and get them exchanged for a newer one but the battery life still seems to be pretty consistent with my original testing.

Fit and Feel

The Spirit X being focused on gym usage, have a ear hook design vs Spirit Pro having no hooks. Personally, I prefer the Spirit Pro because I wear glasses and the ear loop feels odd and quite uncomfortable. I also found Spirit X’s earwing to be a little too big for my ears even with the small size on it (the smallest you can go). They both feel pretty good and not cheap so Soundcore has definitely stepped up the game compared to my previous Soundbuds Slim which were available from late 2016. I have reviewed my Soundbuds Slim as well if you guys want to check it out.

Sound Quality

So now the part that really matters the most. Spirit X has much better bass than Spirit Pro’s almost non-existent bass. But Spirit Pro is definitely the better sounding device with much clearer audio. In my experience connecting both to my laptop, Spirit X’s background white/static noise lasted much longer after I paused whatever was playing. On the same laptop, Spirit Pro stopped the static noise as soon as I paused the audio/video. The first pair of Spirit X had much more noticeable static noise but the newer pair has it dialed down so make sure to test all that when you receive your pair. Though they sound decent, they still can’t beat the Apple’s wired earbuds which are definitely a step above Spirit X especially. I do have to mention that Spirit Pro offers Dual EQ mode which you can toggle by holding the play/pause button and volume up button together for 2 to 4 seconds. This makes the bass a bit more prominent but it’s not a clear bass but feels a little muddled so I still prefer Spirit X’s bass which seem to be a little more clearer.

Carry Pouch

1 thing that could push Spirit X further up your list is the hardish case that comes with the earbuds. I have posted a gif on the gallery you can check it out here. This is definitely better than the pouch that Spirit Pro come in. Now if you want to store your earbuds in your pockets then Spirit Pro would be the correct option for you, but if you regularly store your earbuds in your backpack or purse, then you might want to opt for Spirit X with the case that has a carabiner clip.

Mic Quality

I haven’t been able to test the mic because I’ve been home for quite some time and don’t regularly call my friends. I would rather text than call someone :joy:. That being said, I did have problems with the first Spirit X not being able to connect to my laptop properly during video calls so essentially it didn’t like using the mic. I will give the new pair a go and update in the morning along with test of Spirit Pro.

Thank you for reading the review and let me know if you have questions or suggestions. Have a great night or day depending on when you’re reading this!

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