My take on the leaderboard

Okay everyone, first on me being back posting, after many direct messages from so many people all around the world I am back. I will not allow one person to keep me down.
But I want to say something about the leaderboard. Yes many compete for the top three places to achieve the prizes. We all have the chance and with minimal effort we can all get there. Posting, creating threads and sharing are important as if done in accordance with the how to earn points section anyone can get 25 points a day. Then depending on content of thread , how well written and response from other members you can achieve thread of the week. My suggestion is take time write something relevant to Soundcore such as a review or comparison of products. Member of the week is also out there, this is a person chosen by admins who for one reason or another stood out to the admins in a good light, such as being helpful or thoughtful. Another area to earn points is new music Friday in this challenge where currently you earn points for posting songs from the suggested catagories then others vote for which song is best. And finally another way to get big points is photo of the week, where admins give a subject and you take your gear out snap pictures with phone or camera and post them. Admins choose which is best not for just quality, but many other reasons such as it made them laugh ,it struck a memory, it stands out for whatever reason. These are the primary ways to earn points there are others but these do not take a ton of effort.
I have seen many remarks about how it’s always the same people or it’s hard but it’s actually not hard at all. In 3 weeks of posting this way I made it to 4th place. ( Had I posted every day I would have gotten an additional 200 as I missed 8 days which would have given me 3rd place) but for me it’s not about competition it’s about the sense of community, a great group of people brought together by there love of Soundcore and it’s great products who share a small part of their lives with each other and help where we can by giving ideas, and helpful hints and passing on knowledge to those in need.
I would love to see a introduce yourself section where we can share a bit about ourselves such as products we own (lp3 motion boom, mini), wish lists ( I want a flare) music preferences (rock, rock ohhh and more rock ) and anything else such as hobbies (cooking, wildlife, music to name a few). Now let’s all just enjoy, my congratulations to all winners :trophy: my thanks to the admins for all they do and to members here thank you for being you .


Welcome back :heart: , and I think that your idea for an “Introduce yourself” section is a great idea.

It’s not that it’s that hard, but it does take effort. Unfortunately a lot of people want the prizes, but don’t want to put in the effort required to win them, so they complain instead!

That’s my take on it.

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Some good points @cazzy66, the use of a ‘public’ leaderboard will always bring pro’s and con’s, it’s the nature of the beast.

While it’s not hard to generate points I can see some members points of view on the content that is often posted; in which the daily topic’s rarely become a point of ‘substantial’ discussion…more a two to three reply ‘good post’ and ‘thanks for sharing’ exercise with likes thrown in for good measure.

Would be good to see more expanded areas for discussion outside of purely music related content however this was done in the past and in essence shot down by the admins as it became a posting free for all, often to generate points for prizes.

Would still be curious to see what the community posting dedication would look like sans prizes though :wink:

That was the very topic of discussion between me and another member this past weekend. I keep on asking myself if there would be a collective with out the prizes. I would find this to be sad for in life there is much more that . As far as off topic discussion I believe a getting to know you topic would be great for that. I tried a few times to ask what music do you wake up to? Use to get you motivated? Etc get very small reply. I ,from a HR background, found that the more connection one has the more commitment one gives.
I am not a technical person,my hammer is a bam bam ,my screwdriver a twisty, I have trouble explaining what I hear so discussion of clarity,bass ,treble is extremely hard for me. I can not put into words for a review what others here can but when messing about with an eq I usually find what I like. So I leave it be, and do not bother with trying to help others with technology questions. But I do try to keep things light hearted. Funny though I can go on about other subjects. So back on topic lol
I think it is a great group of people here. From many walks of life with vast and various knowledge to share. Along with the main four point competition ( picture, member, thread and music) I would love to see more participation as long as we leave politics out of it. :grin: