My thoughts on the Liberty 2 Pro

I got my headphones two days ago and unfortunately I have the white noise sound as well. The noise is only annoying when listening to podcasts. It sort of reminds me of the sound you get when plugging a guitar to an amp but not as extreme. (example:

I’ve tried the various wings and tips but I find them to be a bit heavy and uncomfortable in my ears for long listening sessions. This is obviously subjective and everyone will have a different experience with that depending on your ears.

The sound coming out of these earbuds is amazing and I enjoyed that aspect of it. It is a bit bass heavy but I like that and think it is great for genres like hip-hop and dance. The preset equalizer options in the app are great for getting the sound you prefer.

The case is just on the edge of too big to comfortably place in my pocket and small enough that I would deal with it. One random aspect of the case that I found nonintuitive was taking the earbuds out of my ear and trying to place them in the case. You sort of have to take them out and twist them around in your hand to line them up with their positioning in the case. It is clearly not a big deal but just something that I noticed.


Good review…thanks for sharing your experience with the product!

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Great thoughts and opinions. Thanks for sharing. Any pics to share with us?

I agree with you Sami - putting the buds into the case is a bid odd but something I’ll gladly live with for the phenomenal sound.