Need Your Recommendation for Amazon Live Stream Topics

Wanted To See if anyone has any suggested topics they would like to see us address on the Amazon Live Stream - It can be about any current product or theme across any of the Anker brands.

A few streams we have coming up

  • New Headphones
  • Hurricane Preparedness
  • Various Guest YouTubers / Amazon Live Streamers
  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide
  • Father’s Day Gift Guide / Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide…

Let me know in the comments down below…

SoundcoreAdam -


I would like to know how you approach your brand in Latin America, especially with the launch of the new headphones. Specifically to Colombia . I am interested in these new headphones but only buying them in Amazon they cost me 3 times more for the currency exchange. Will the new headphones arrive with a more accessible price for consumers in other regions of the continent? or will there be vouchers for purchases in amazon?

Topic: Comparison of all headphones from the Q: 10, 20, 30 series to the new product Q35.


Probably not a topic for my Amazon Live stream ( on Tuesday nights, but let me see if I can get you an answer. I don’t have any visibility on that.

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Although this can be spread out to 4 shows but you can do one for each of the 4 season . A winter time example is getting a powerhouse 400 for if the power goes out . I think there is one for a car starter.

Can always do themed shows
Business items

Kid Friendly devices … I think Astro, some entry level earbuds and headphones as well as a few powerbanks and powerline cables to name a few.

College bound kid items
Graduation gift suggestions

I will say that I did like your last one that you did where you showed the dog bowl. So my suggestion is for all the more popular ones that you have, you can maybe throw in at least one less popular one. An example is that you have an receiver/transmitter device for BT. Could add that to one where you had headphones.

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My suggestions would be:

  1. Ready for working from home (Mostly Anker products)
  2. Camping season upcoming (Soundcore products, powerbanks from Anker)
  3. Get ready for the party (Soundcore speakers)
  4. Enjoy the silence (ANC products)
  5. Create the System (How to use Anker products to connect Anker and non Anker products to create home entertainment/work system)

They sell a dog bowl?

I must have missed that episode.

In one of the last steaming days…

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Maybe a stream of all products released in 2021 so far I know a bunch slipped through without big announcements like the Anker sad hub and a couple usb c hubs and new mag safe stuff


:thinking: I like that - We’ve done the Working From Home a few times - (actually - Fun Fact - it was the first show we ever did) -

I’ve done Camping before but we’ll do it again sometime this spring/ summer.

I’ll put 3 and 4 into the queue and see what I can do for #5.


I like that… I’ll work on that for an upcoming stream!

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You are wellcome.
Sorry for being not familiar with your previous topics, but usually it’s deep night in my location when you are on air :smiley:

Or maybe something like this🤔:
"The best headphones for a pleasant work in your house.
You are still a busy mother, father = you have little time.
Now you can do your job while listening to your favorite music ":grinning:

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Wow. Feels like getting a bit outside their core competence there, but I guess they saw a market opening.

Well I do see this one company that makes dog camera (petcube).

They have dog camera or dog camera that give out dog treats… So I guess there is some market there.

Another idea that I don’t know if possible but you could ask some people that work at Anker/Anker sub brands to maybe either make a list or a short video of what their favorite Anker/ Anker sub brand product is/are.

Or even an episode of adams ultimate tech bag in which you put together your top choices of what you would carry in your ultimate dream back pack

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I know Amazon live is about Amazon products but would be nice to see the minor differences between all Soundcore products. Some seem to have minor differences but pretty big bump in price or drastically different name which is confusing.

Also feels good to be back. Semester has been absolutely crazy so just had to focus on that instead of coming here

Hey @SoundcoreAdam, I was thinking with the restrictions and all, many are staying around to enjoy family time. Soooo…

  • night out at the movies (backyard, nebula / flare)
  • yard work (anc)
  • backyard bbq (flare / rave series)
  • gaming night (again w/ nebula and flare)
  • off the grid (camping)

Would be cool to have some more special guests, like antwan or el jefe or Brannon no d.


Interesting ideas, especially in times of a pandemic👍🏻!

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Nice suggestions

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