Never seen this here


May be the input of the 5 or 6 regulars here is too heavy-weighted for the server.
But its not me! :rofl:

Or this message was copied from a German airport! :laughing:


I don’t remember seeing that particular error here either. :thinking:

I’ve never seen this error before either.

Maybe @Chiquinho is right, though, but not just German airports, it seems to be a global issue. We are having horrendous issues trying to change flights, so we can get to Sicily next weekend! We have flights, but need to catch an earlier one so that it gives us a sporting chance of making our connection at Schiphol.

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Enjoy your staying there.
Sicily = Sicilia?
Where do you go there.
I have been there often.
Nice place, but hope you can stand the temperatures there in August!

You speak Italian?
Parle Italiano?

We will be going to Taormina for 5 nights, primarily going to see Simple Minds play in the amphitheater there.
Yes, we’ve been looking at the temperatures for July and they are very high. Not taking too many clothes though. Lots of gelato will be consumed!
I don’t speak Italiano unfortunately, but hoping to be able to get by with the basics.

I have been to Taormina years ago.
Nice place and remember the Teatro.
English will work there.
Enjoy your staying and don’t be afraid about the Ma*ia.
They will help you!

But take care in Catania.
Not the best place.

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Hopefully won’t be in Catania for long, only to for the airport.

I was speaking to my barber today, and he also says that Taormina is a wonderful place. This time next week, I will be able to tell you my own opinion :wink:

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Have been there 30 years ago.
Its a nice place indeed.
And the Sicilians are great, even if you only know to say “Bon giorno”. “mille grazie” e “come stai.” :slight_smile:
Helps a lot!

And don’t forget this :
“Un espresso per favore!”
The plural is is “due espressi”
its always funny listening to people here in italian restaurants ordering things.
Specialists in Italian language.
But so proud to be able to order “Dous Expressos”. :laughing: (The “X” is important when they pronounce)

But its great this way we Europeans are growing more and more together ; A great family.
There is no EC needed at all.

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Thanks for the tips. No doubt we will be using the “due espressi per favore” quite a bit.
I have a lot of fun when in Spain. I can ask for something in Spanish, and the waiter will say “Que?” and then my wife will say exactly the same thing as I did, and the waiter will say “Si” and come back with exactly what I asked for anyway.
We joke about this all the time and I think it is to please the ladies and make us men look stupid!

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I sometimes get errors on here not that one specifically but the site does seem to take longer to load as of late which makes it harder to come on when it takes a while just for a page to load

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Remembers me of the good old days with WINXP and an I 486
Back to the roots in 2022! :rofl:

Great, that’s the usual way to " pay court to the ladies" in latin countries.

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