New Android app 2.7.1 - support new Q20+ L2P+

Available today

If you don’t get and can’t wait then link

A quick scan shows two products added, Q20+ and L2P+ , these first appeared on the iOS app.


We look forward to their announcement and specs.

The Flare Mini which appeared in 2.6.8 which disappeared in 2.6.9 hasn’t reappeared.

The Life P3 not there yet.

The ask of Soundcore is simply get ahead with details and comparison so heading off the “I stumbled on these how are they different” thread none of us yet know answers, so when you do announce a comparison, how these differ, when should someone get these Vs existing, etc, would help the community help each other.

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Guys look again, even though the APK not updated, they pulled the L2P+ at the account level within the app.

So it was an accidental reveal after all.

Everyone calm down!

Thanks for all the information and explanations.

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It would be great if the upgraded Soundcore Life Q20+ had transparency mode and/or some form of AptX. However, I do hope they sound good and don’t just sound bass-heavy. I’ve heard many complaints on how each SoundCore headphone sound, and I’m just counting on Soundcore to do some tweaking with the tuning for the Q20s so the overall sound quality can truly rival more expensive products. Perhaps I’m asking too much, but transparency and AptX are what I would like, and I often wonder why Soundcore doesn’t add AptX to any of their Over-ear Headphones when it is a complete no-brainer for those who want a higher bitrate for Bluetooth listening, but don’t want to sacrifice stable connections. What are your thoughts?

The Soundcore Life P3 is available on the app

I speculate that AptX needs Qualcomm, they used the QCC3020 in their AptX products.

To add Ambient / ANC they did use the BES2300.

To keep AptX and add ANC would require jumping to the QCC304x in over-ear or the QCC514x for true wireless.

I suspect the BES2300 costs less than the QCC304x and QCC514x.

Or in less words, you get what you pay for.

Inherent cost conflicts.

Thank you for your response! It was very informative and understandable. Do you think the Q20+ will do better than the Q30 and Q35 for the overall sound, functionality, and features? Also, how does the original Q20 sound compared to the Q30 and Q35?

For that you have to wait for release and reviews. In general it is the most wise advice to wait until a product is out in the field and a diversity of reviews.

All that fore knowledge does is help you not miss the release, that is it’s only advantage, you can “fake news” imagine anything until it gets into hands of real people and wait for a consistent “real news” to emerge.

Thanks you!

Looking at the l2p+ on Amazon interesting to see the battery life change

From the teardown it has the same battery. So I’d expect the same battery life if you used the lower resolution LDAC as the L2P, and around 1/3rd less life when using higher resolution LDAC.

Did they change the charging technology then? Because they list the upgrade has less play time which I expected with the ldac and added features using more battery than the last however they also say 15 minutes charging gives it and extra hour on the old ones for play time and that’s where I’m struggling to make sense of it

So it is either a typo (best guess) or they are not measuring the same way. If you quote battery life when using a low LDAC res you’d see better battery life.

From the teardown the only change I see is the electronics having to work harder for higher resolution, for like-res I’d expect like-battery-life.

If it’s a concern then flag it in Amazon as potential error.

There will be a range of battery life depending on if Ambient on/off, LDAC res, volume and media. They probably use a typical user settings.

I fully expect an ANC version “Liberty 3 Pro” (my nickname for it) to be in the lab / beta. And I’m sure battery life is a watched topic. So discussing what battery life you want helps guide the engineers decisions.

The L2P battery -

The L2P+ battery -

Identical 0.24Wh.

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