New app include Liberty 2 Pro+

The new iOS SoundCore app includes a device called Liberty 2 Pro+ Are there any details on this product? :slight_smile:



From iOS update from 2 days ago according to the apps having both the Liberty 2 pro + and the Liberty neo 2

These had also been added to the Soundcore app a while ago in an earlier update and then taken down days later in another update. I’m hoping them being back in the app means they are close to release. There has been no official announcement with details from Soundcore yet

There’s a Q20+ as well.

I am waiting for a B 52 to come out . Nice to know new buds coming out soon

This is the Q20+ in the app

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I’ve been holding off getting a pair of the liberty pro because of its age. Been hoping for an update and not wanting to buy until another new release. I’m tired of using my older earbuds since I already lost my Liberty Air Pros.


I have update 2.6.9 and I (Android) do not have: Liberty 2 Pro +, Q20 and Liberty Neo 2 … :slightly_frowning_face:

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I suspect the iOS store has been getting their beta and production releases mixed up more often than Android.

These unannounced products should be beta testing only and only beta testers should be seeing.

Android does have the Neo 2, look again, as it should be as it’s on sale now in at least one country (Japan).

As for the L2P+ it doing a peek-a-boo in the app would align with the “new” label on their Anker Summit Spring event.

If you look carefully and compare the screenshot from the iOS app of the L2P Vs L2P+ the logo is silver Vs gold, the ear tips have subtle red Vs more obviously red inner, in the app and in the Japan event.

Regardless, these accidental reveals by Anker does suggest soon so then the differences between new and old can be discussed. My guess is as the name of the L2P+ implies modest update so L2P owners won’t see a justification to upgrade but the changes make it more attractive to new to Soundcore owners.

I hope Soundcore has selected good beta testers so no bugs and reviews are substantially different from an unboxing and reading out the specs off the box. We’ll see shortly.

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I am sorry on your loss. I about ruined my pro after putting pocket and almost washed them.

That’s right - it’s in the Liberty Neo 2 update. :slightly_smiling_face: I didn’t notice it.
I don’t like the gold finish of the Liberty 2 Pro - the old version looks better.


From past history I’m sure there will be colour options.

They won’t survive that. Good thing you didn’t!

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Unless it’s a major error in the app release, not long now

These hints, whether accidental or not, don’t influence my buying decisions, reviews do from those who try to break them and compare with something I own.

I hope they are in the hands of excellent beta testers and then reviewers. The Q30 release I thought was done well, I had many reviews on release to help me make a balanced decision and then bought.


I guess that I still have a few days until I will get this update. Nice to know new stuff is a coming.

I know. I have ruined a bunch of other stuff that was destroyed more from the dryer heat than the washing. :rofl:

I think they did a good job. I hope they do something similar with this new release.

I just updated to the latest release of the Android app and still not showing. But it should be soon. Android seems to be a little slower when feature updates are released.

The app updated and showed the added products but then later without any app update they then disappeared.

So I think they have moved beta into Soundcore account based which is why login is forced in the app.

So it was a deliberate app update but an accidental access control.

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The same week I lost my earbuds. I also lost my Spirit dot 2. A few days later I found them. They had fallen between the cracks of the couch and rolled deep into the shadows. I must of looked there at least 10 times and several times with a flashlight.

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