New App version 2.6.2

The new Soundcore app is rolling out.

I like it!

The discovery can be disabled so when I want a cleaner quieter interface then I can get it.

Thanks for listening to the feedback.

Settings option:

With discovery enabled (default) all those extra options and messages on screen

With it disabled then a cleaner interface, more like how it was earlier.

I doubt I contributed to the change, it was happening anyway, but the Google Play ratings had similar views to mine.

and so on… good to see Soundcore listened. Going forward use “KISS” as the paradigm, it makes user experience much better.

I have my settings like this, and it is now closer to what I want, an app which keeps utterly quiet until I load it and only shows me my speakers, which is what I bought and want to control, nothing else.


Well I now have both devices updated to the new version. On the phone, working nice.

On the tablet, working okay, however the screen format on the LUM option still is out of scale. Almost like it doesn’t auto size to the viewport / window, unlike the phone app.


If you’re on Android then yes it’s a common issue of UI bad on tablets. I use a rotation control app.

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The same thing happens to me @TheSnarkyOne, but I use an Ipad.

That implies it was never tested on other than iPhone.

iPad is usually much better at screen use than Android tablet.

They may not know unless you tell them, is there a screenshot and report function to use? After all, it’s our fault if we don’t report a bug, then their fault if they don’t fix it after reported. Teamwork.

So onus on… @TheSnarkyOne or @supersmacker1234 to take screenshots and report to support…

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You mean something like this?

It only shows half of the screen, so I have to reload.

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OH, does it work right in landscape?

But yes, screenshots and report bug. Email… or wait for them to notice here.

No, it doesn’t let me rotate to landscape, so if I want to veiw it landscape it will be sideways.

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I’ll get similar sent through today.

Just finishing up the primer on fresh drywall… oh the fun.

edited to add photos
Two places noted where the app shows off screen on iPad w/ iOS 14.4
With the LUM portion for music:

Within the liberty air 2 pro portion - cannot see complete options for anc
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Thanks for sharing