New ‘CarKey’ feature in iOS 13.4 beta brings built-in support for unlocking,

Looks futuristic!! Hope to use this feature soon :+1:

For Teslas? Or Toyota?

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It says as any cars that support NFC

Kinda have the same feeling for this as the key-less entry on my Ford (which I disabled day 1)…while the convenience is good, too many ways for things to be manipulated to allow theft…prefer my key fob…

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A fob can be duplicated / hacked as well. A key can be picked or duplicated. Nothing is completely secure.

Apple has always done well in the security sector in the past :man_shrugging:

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Not sure I can use it with my car.


Beautiful car. Is it hard to maintain? Do you maintain it yourself?

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Its one of my usual jokes.
Its a “Messerschmid Kabinenroller” ca 1950.
I remember those when I was a kid.
This “BMW Isetta” as well.

This is a real BMW, you might not believe.

Funny little cars were built here after war.
Our neighbors had one of those.

Not my family.
We couldn’t afford it at these times.