New comer to all this

New to all this how does it all work?


First of all… welcome @Tony_Harsley :wave:

There are various categories available where you can post relevant news/info on that topic. For instance, the Deals & Steals category is mainly used for posting great offers/discounts on Soundcore gear that members have found.

Most categories have a pinned post at or near the top that explains what each category is about.
Music – Use this category for any music related topic
News – Use this category for any news topics related to Soundcore, audio or music.

We are a friendly bunch here, and the best thing is to just interact with existing members, and post some info in relevant categories which will earn you points. The Top 10 members with the most Points win prizes every month! There are also weekly activities to participate in, such as Photo of the week. And sometimes there are spot the difference challenges, and other competitions where you can win Soundcore products.

Just be friendly and enjoy yourself. If you have any further questions, just ask and I’m sure one of us will be able to help out!



Maybe if you’re a little more specific on what you want help with, you will get more help.

PS Welcome to the forum. :wave:


Welcome here.

How does this work?

There is not a lot of explanation needed.
The best for you is to take part.
There is not much you can do wrong.
Avoid any political, religious ect. themes please,
thats all you have to know.


one thing i quite enjoy is the new music friday, so you can vote for songs you like and propose ones for the next week based on categories…

also, as the others have said, welcome ! :tada:


Wellcome Tony.
Hope you got answers to your qestins in previous comments.


Overall we are here to have fun and talk soundcore, music or audio stuff.

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