[New Details] Exclusive First Look at Rave Neo and Trance Go!

Note: @Loz granted me special permission to share these exclusive images with you.

Soundcore is developing two new party speakers… Take a look!

Rave Neo


Trance Go



  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB Type-C Input (5V ⎓ 2A)
  • USB Type-A Output (5V ⎓ 2A)

In the meantime, let us know what features you hope Soundcore is implementing in these new party speakers!


I think app controls would be nice maybe a way to charge devices either via PD or Wireless.

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USB-C is a MUST!

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Rave and Trance are actually already supported by the Soundcore app!

I know, but it doesn’t stop them from removing that feature in future devices.

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So we have the…

  1. Rave
  2. Rave mini
  3. Trance
  4. Mega (unreleased)

And now they are adding the Rave neo (sounds similar to the mini?) and the trance go (even smaller then the rave mini?).

I feel like this is too many similar speakers. Hopefully they have USB-C to differentiate from the other models.


I feel like it needs more than just USB-C right now to make it worth while to bring another one of these out.

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I highly doubt that Mega will ever be released…

Great new updates… more and more party speakers!!

I am still waiting for a day, when @Insider will release news about Transparency & / or ANC on Liberty 2 Pro … i know this is something Soundcore has to work on, and Insider facilitates getting these updates to us with lightning speed


Interesting, perhaps mini / more portable versions of the current two speakers with USB-C charging :thinking:


You know that the Flare 2 being able to partycast 100 Flares together was a great feature.

I think that feature really needs to be in these types of speakers. Being able to Partycast 4, 8 or up to say 16 would be awesome feature for a speaker that is a Party speaker.

So think about maybe having 12 of those sitting at your party at your house in different rooms. Plus I think Party Cast would give those speakers an edge over other party speakers (although I do not know how many these or others companies party speakers can be paired together)


Thanks for the update @insider :+1:
I assume they get USB-C for sure and Party Cast just like on Flare 2 would be great. So, it doesn’t matter which speaker you have, you can party cast to all Soundcore speakers placed around in each room :grinning:


Let me tell what I would like to see in these new speakers…

It is sort of time now for Soundcore to start testing / implementing Wifi based Speakers, this with the Partycast, all handled via the Soundcore App, is the thing Soundcore should be trying.

Power-On the speakers, they connect to Wifi, and all the PartyCast handled via the Soundcore app is the thing Users would like to see…

Keep Bluetooth option, but running behind these Flare 2, powering on one by one, and the Partycast feature, is really too much, considering if there are more than 10 or 20, leave alone 100


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Such huge parties should be avoided in the next future!

LOL It has been years since I been to any huge parties as I have become a respectable adult, I have.
I may end up getting my oldest one of these as he is getting closer to college (he is 16 now) and I think he would enjoy it with his friends. So I am leaving huge parties to my son and his friends. I hope it will not be in my house but if it is I hope it make it worth it. LOL



Added exclusive images with the approval of @Loz… Take a look!


That’s awesome! Did he send you the photos?

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No, but they were not totally public in this case.

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Take it this would have to be priced at around $100 to $120? Or be better then their counter parts in many ways?

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are these bigger or smaller than Rave Mini?

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