New devices in app - Dot 2 XR , Tune XR

most recent app update shows these

I see the XR dot and Tune XR.

I suspect these were the buds and headphones shown up at FCC a few weeks ago.

A search finds

So these are the “offline” versions, intended to be sold in stores. The “online” versions identical not showing yet.

I’ve not delved deeper, but they appear just longer battery life versions.

I’ll do my vent mode:

  • I’d like if Soundcore shared their roadmap
  • I’d like if Soundcore explained the differences, pros/cons, to aid consumers.
  • I don’t like this stumbling fumbling we discover them and much time later, pulling teeth, we hear anything.
  • facts are better than rumours and leaks. So get ahead - announce!

I agree.

I think there maybe another one. Go to speakers, go to more and there is a select pro that looks like the motion boom. I do not remember that one there before and if it has I just have missed it.

Although there is the TOS but it hard to enforce that if they present those in the app. There is several things they can do to bring expose to the new products without doing a big presentation or giveaways like the Air 2 pros.

I think the community would be the perfect place you want to present that information. They can just do an info sheet about the product. It can get the word out some and get people talking about it.

You can have the Amazon steams to discuss it and etc right before it is released.

Basically doing some things to get the eyes onto the products.

I noticed the Select Pro in the last update.

What will happen is:

  • users will go to the Anker community (as Google loves it more than this place)
  • users ask about something (e.g. bought new the Dot 2 XR in the store, I cannot XXX YYY ZZZ)
  • Anker users point them here.
  • Here we’re then stuck, no knowledge.
  • Days / week later Winifred answers a question.
  • No-one looks good.



You know when Winfred first came on and was trying to help and stating they were with Soundcore, I actually reported Winfred to Loz and Sean.

The reason was Winfred was not marked as being part of their staff. I was like why is some random user trying to pretend to be with soundcore. :rofl:

Luckily they got that fixed.

I agree with the manuals as well. There is a lag at time with the manuals being posted online.

Bet you the bud first question is “Doesn’t work with my Windows 10” with “works with my iPhone”.


  • can’t pair in the app
  • right bud goes flat
  • stutters with windows 10

The headphone - “microphone doesn’t work in Teams”. Anyone want to guess the date that’s written?

Better documentation and products is preferabe to just more badly documented products.


Agreed it would be nice if we had a little more knowledge because I’m sure people will start asking what’s the difference which should I get and honestly I don’t always know the differences that warrant some of the price changes.

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Hellos soundcore community I was wondering if anyone else has seen this speaker in the soundcore app?? Just noticed it today! And wonderin if anyone has ideas on what it is? Looks identical to boom but with purple speakers!!!Screenshot_20210324-135732_Soundcore

Also it if ya click on speakers to find in app it is in the lowest group on the list the More box… just an FYI not in the motion section or wakey or party but bottom one I believe it says more

Moving this thread to the other thread about new devices in the app.

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Mandatory searching…


@Pantera43 I think the Select Pro might be a Motion Boom but with party lights. If you look carefully you can see little half disk shapes on the edges of the speakers, and usually lights are placed on the back side of those to reflect off the speakers, which would explain why they are purple in this photo.

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I wish I could see 2 tweeters on it too… darnit!!! Lol

XR —-> extended range? BT ver 5.2 perhaps?

XR bigger battery

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