New Firmware release LP2

Firmware update popped up when I used my 2 Pros yesterday. Description only said “bugs fixed”. Anyone else get this and anyone have a fuller description of fixes?
Could be a hiss update?

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Why not try it and see if the background noise has been fixed?

It’s not a fix for the background noise, but aside from that I dunno what the bug fixes were for. And yes I had mine upgraded when it popped up the other day

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Mine keep re-downloading and updating. Like they are stuck in a loop. I think my right side is having the issue as in the past couple of weeks it seems I am having to power up this side more often.

I would put them back into the case and press and hold down the reset button on the backside of the case for 10-15 seconds and repair them to your phone and try to update them again.

As far as the right side having to be recharged more, that’s generally what happens with any earbud that uses a master setup. Where one earbud is the host and the other just piggybacks off its connection.

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Sure would be nice to get release notes for the firmware update.

To Tanks: Actually I had did that Blietooth reset just before the firmware update to see if this would improve the right headphone. I now think my right one is defective as it keeps on asking for the firmware update and seems to shutoff even though the battery level says HI when it powers up. Time to put in a support ticket.

Applied the update this morning and the issue I had with poor audio quality when talking has almost gone away. There was a bit of a hiss according to the person I was testing with which has almost gone away. There is a little bit of background noise when talking, but no where near as bad as it was.

I guess it’s not the transparency mode update?

If/when there is a transparency mode update - I would expect there to be some type of announcement with such big change.

Would also expect changes to the Soundcore app to allow the user to set up transparency mode.

I’ve yet to be able to install the update. It gets about 70% (or less) complete, then "an error has occurred. Tried restarting my phone (Pixel 2XL running Android 10), also reset the earbuds and repaired. Continues to fail to install.

I would see if you can try and use someone else’s phone for the update. My coworker had the same issue using his pixel, but when he paired his to my phone he was able to update it fully.

I have to remember this now when I get my LP2’s about needing to do firmware updates. It is a pretty cool feature with some of the earbuds today.

That did not work, unfortunately. I used my iPad (don’t have access to another phone right now) and it does the same thing–fails to complete the install by about 70%.

Anyone get anywhere on this?I just got mine and I have the same issue.

It’s not a software issue it’s a hardware issue. Soundcore claims that 1% or less of the units have this issue.

Contact support at

Thanks for the that

Not getti9ng a recent firmware update notification. I pre-ordered my LP2 as soon as they were offered for pre-order. I love mine but having issues with my right ear and scratchy sounds so bad I cannot always hear a person talking and disrupts my music listening.

Not had the issues of firmware not updating properly, but there are several things to try if you are affected with not being able to get firmware to download/install correctly.

I would unpair from phone/tablet and remove the app, reboot the phone/tablet. Perform a reset of the buds in their case (hold down the button until the buds flash red), then pair the buds together followed by connecting to device. Reinstall the Soundcore App and see if you can do a Firmware update from this fresh start.

It’s certainly worth trying.

I just got an update to firmware version 01.22

The changelog was bug fixes and something about improvements to listening to AAC. I’m not sure if it meant the Bluetooth codec or music format though.