New Infini soundbar has power, but no sound

Soundbar has power, but no sound. Trying to connect it to a 3-year-old Sharp TV, model number LC-40P3000U, using the supplied 3.5mm to RCA audio cable.

The RCA cable is my only option:

  • I can’t use the supplied digital optical cable, cuz I don’t see where on the TV to plug it in.
  • I have a regular coax cable, but don’t have a digital coax cable (my regular one doesn’t screw on, so they must be different)

Light colour on soundbar shows its the right input.

The “AV In” on TV is for a yellow/white/red cable. I thought I could plug in the supplied red & white RCA cable into the red & white ports on the TV (minus the yellow/video), but apparently not, cuz it’s not working!

Checking Input source on tv only shows two available - TV and HDMI1. All others are greyed out. That seems to tell me the RCA connection isn’t working, or wouldn’t AV, Component, or Media be lit up?

Have played around with audio settings on the tv, even with acronyms I don’t recognize lol, I’ve tested them all, but still no sound.

(And yes, I’ve volumed up the soundbar remote :wink:

Do I need an adapter, or a different connection? Or is this soundbar simply not compatible with my TV?

I’m so bummed right now. Was SO looking forward to better sound in my bedroom :-/

Maybe @TheBeardedTechGuy or @ndalby can help you with this one, as they have these soundbars

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Based on your model this would be where your optical port is (on the back of the TV). Does this look like your TV?

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Also - looks like your TV supports ARC on HDMI2 on the side panel.

And bonus also, you could plug your HDMI into the in on the soundbar and then run HDMI from the out of the soundbar to your HDMI on your TV

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@Lawana Do you have the Infini Pro or just the standard Infini soundbar and have you tested audio output from any other device (such as BT on your phone)?

Based on the image by @TheBeardedTechGuy if this is the TV model you have, you should be fine on digital optical (just remember to remove the port cover if one if present to allow connection of the optical cable)…

Based on the Infini soundbar the LED should be green when you are on optical output for the soundbar…

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May be a photo of all the plugs at your TV would be helpful.

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As others have said, a picture of your ports would be helpful here.

Just to test that the sound works at all, can you hook your phone up to the infini and see if it plays music correctly? That rules out a problem with the soundbar.

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They may be other devices in the mix depending on how they are running the cable and their set up in the bedroom. It seems they were talking about different inputs. So I wonder what are the devices they are using.

If it is just through the tv, the basic connection may work but if they are trying to do a multi device set up, it may not work unless they do a certain action.

An example, they are trying to run the TV cable through a DVD player and to the TV. Depending on where they tried to put the soundbar cable, the soundbar may play or not it would play. If it is hooked to the DVD player, the TV may play but the soundbar may not play due to the DVD player is turned off. If the DVD player it turned on, the soundbar sound can be heard.

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Much belated thanks to everyone who responded - i finally got back to this “project” yesterday, and was successful with using the optical port! I didn’t think my tv had one, but @TheBeardedTechGuy showing me on the picture enabled me to use “the braille method” :stuck_out_tongue: and find it without removing my tv from the wall.

HUGE Thanks to you all!!!


Glad to have helped answer your question!

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Thanks, I don’t see where to mark my question as answered though…?

I don’t think you can mark the question as answered on this forum. It is on the Anker original forum.