NEW INFO: Soundcore Launch Event Preview!

With less than six days to go until the unveiling of Soundcore’s highly advertised second-generation Liberty earphones, I have new info for you all… Enjoy this preview of Soundcore’s upcoming announcements!


  • Liberty 2 Pro (high probability)
  • Liberty 2 (medium probability)
  • Liberty Air 2 (medium-high probability)

PRICING (unconfirmed)

  • Liberty 2 Pro: About $180 (About $120 with pre-order discount)
  • Liberty 2: ?
  • Liberty Air 2: About $125


  • Diamond-Enhanced Sound: Ultra-lightweight, yet rigid diamond-coated drivers produce sound with flawless accuracy.
  • Wireless Charging
  • Crystal-Clear Calls
  • HearID Personalized Sound
  • 28-Hour Playtime (Liberty Air 2)

The primary focus here is the diamond-enhanced sound. This is the real innovation Soundcore has been teasing.

Note: Some of the above features may be exclusive to Liberty Air 2, but diamond-enhanced sound is definitely the headlining feature of Liberty 2 Pro. Also, the playtime for Liberty 2 Pro will likely be longer than 28 hours.






  • Liberty 2 Pro: October 8 (Pre-orders begin on September 26)
  • Liberty 2: ?
  • Liberty Air 2: October 8 (Pre-orders begin on September 26)


Be sure to let us know your thoughts with a reply! What questions do you still have?

Note: I cannot verify that all of this information is 100% accurate.


I like that Anker is finally starting to Branch out into different colors for their headphones I just received a pair that are green and black and they look really nice those white and red ones in your picture also look really nice.

Also looks like that case will be able to stand up when set down on a table without playing a balancing game. This wasn’t a huge problem on the old liberty air but it would minimize scratches on the sides of the case.

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Side note I wonder if dbrand is going to make a skin for any of these new headphones/cases.

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Awesome post per usual and I really can’t wait for the Pro to come out. Both the color and styling of it is something that you would expect, but it doesnt take away from how awesome it is set to be.

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:flushed: WITH $120 discount?! :confounded:

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I wonder how diamond sound compares with graphene?

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I don’t know where you get your info @Insider but it’s usually pretty spot on. Thanks for the info!

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I would imagine the diamond coatinI would make the speaker less flexible and produce more accurate sound reproduction.

Ehh, I won’t be able to afford…

@Jesse_Hernandez I was just thinking about earbuds dbrand skins yesterday. Wishing I had one for my liberty air…

Speaking of, did you ever do that project with the airbrush and earbuds case?

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Looking forward to what diamond enhanced sound is like!

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So some things that I want to see in the liberty 2 pro…

  1. NO MASTER SLAVE. If they end up having this, I don’t know that soundcore will really sell very many. For $180, people want to have independent pairing

  2. Full App support. This includes a full EQ, as well as pass through mode, and other such features.

  3. Wireless charging. A given at this price.

Without these things, I think soundcore would have a hard time selling these.

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I think you’ll be happy to see all three of those with Liberty 2 Pro!

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Excellent! If they have as good of sound as soundcore is making them out to have, I think this could be a solid set of earbuds.

I just wish I could afford them…



Support for three new products has been added to the Soundcore app. I have added relevant screenshots to the original post!


See now I definitely want the liberty 2 pro, I mean sure the air2 may be nice for some but I still like the sleekness of the 2 pro

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Once these are all announced I would love to see a table comparing them all (including the earbuds already announced at IFA like the liberty note). I’m having a hard time figuring out which ones are right for me. Honestly it’s too many options.

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You’re best bet for a comparison chart is gonna be @Insider

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The community is great, but I’d love to see Soundcore/Anker publish a comparison table on their site :slight_smile:

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Skins would be pretty cool!

The liberty 2 pro pricing seems a bit steep but otherwise looks solid, nice work!

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