New Liberty Pro 3s ANC issues

I just got my Liberty Pro 3 Buds today. I love the sound coming out of them.
I’ve done all the tests but I don’t find much difference between Normal and ANC settings.
I can hear the ANC activating but the sounds I can hear are about the same as when I’m in Normal setting.

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That is a very common comment.

They block bass sounds, not higher frequency sounds like voices. The passive isolation - choosing tips - blocks higher frequency. The combination of the ANC, tip choice, and listening to something, combined does a job.

ANC is not the primary feature.

Honestly, if you’re gonna be listening to music anyway with ANC on (and as long as you confirm you’re using the right tips using the fit test) you won’t hear higher frequencies at all.

They block out a lot of my noisy gas golf cart. Then again I have music playing.

TBH ANC and Transparency are just extras to me. The most important thing to me is how they sound. That’s really all that matters to me.