New Life Headphones: Testing Time! 20 Test Units Up for Grabs!

As you know, our new Life headphones are coming out soon! Like, quick diddly-split. And we’re recruiting 20 testers from the community to get their hands on (and ears into) the new Life, try them out, and tell us what they think.

So you want to participate? Great! We’re looking for people who can make unboxing and review videos, and have them out within our new Life launch week (but after April 27th, 2021). This is early, insider access after all.

In addition to our video reviewers/unboxers, we’ll also need 3-4 people who can take some great photos with in-depth written feedback on the new Life headphones. So if you’re not a videographer, no worries! There’s still a chance for you to get in.

Let’s recap:

  • We’re picking 20 testers to receive our new Life headphones early, for free
  • We need most of them to make videos, but there’s room to consider in-depth written reviews with pictures
  • The content needs to be about your experience with our new Life headphones (how they feel, how they sound, etc.)
  • We’ll want to see your video (or content) within a week of our new Life headphones’ official launch (but not before April 27th, 2021, as certain details will need to be kept a surprise until then)!
  • Open to the US, UK, Canada, and Germany only
  • The testers will be revealed in Monday’s Core Update

If you think you’re qualified and want to throw your name in the ring to be a tester, let us see some content you’ve done before, and share your Life review plan with us!

Looking forward to seeing what you got; good luck!


How do I apply for this?

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First of all, I am in California, USA. Ok so I plan to do an in-depth review on the headphones and I also plan to compare them to another pair of noise cancelling headphones that are similar to these headphones which are at the price point of $100-$150.

I will go over the new ANC and the new wear detection features much in depth, which I know will be great. I will conduct a test on the HiRes audio vs regular audio in different headphones, as well as testing wired vs wireless. I will go over the benefits of Soundcore products, the fantastic build quality and how they also prioritize customer’s feedback for new features in their new releases and also how the Soundcore brand never lets down.
I will also add something like this; I am now a very loyal customer who really embraces and enjoys their products and how I would recommend Soundcore headphones over any other headphones no matter the price.

I would also go over how the Soundcore app is like and how you can adjust the EQ and everything from the app, as well as covering all the different features of the app and how you also may get potential firmware updates to improve the user experience and how the Soundcore app changes the way I listen to music. I will also go over how these sound in Zoom meetings, while playing basketball or when working out. I will also go over all the different NC options, and compare the new LDAC to similar headphones without LDAC.

I plan to leave this info on an Amazon or soundcore website review on the release date for these new headphones.

If you want I can make a video on it if you want, I don’t have a large channel yet, but I have experience in video editing and I make really well edited and nice videos. I will add professional pictures taken from a professional DSLR camera as well. I do not have a example picture on my desktop at the moment but I have taken many professional pictures that I have gotten many great comments on.

I hope to hearing back from you guys.

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Remember, we’ll be announcing the testers in Monday’s Core Update so make sure you apply ASAP!

Good luck :grinning:


Here is my YouTube channel, I would love to do an unboxing and video review of these. I would first do an unboxing, a quick walk through of what’s included and then jump right into testing them. I would go over fit, comfort, volume, features, and app integration. I would highlight my pros and cons as well as compare then to past soundcore headphones.

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I’ve done several write ups for Soundcore and Anker projects in the past. I also love taking pictures and would be thrilled to have the Life headphones as the centerpiece!! As far as testing, I would be focusing on audio quality, comfort, and ease of use. Seeing as how I work in a shared office space, I use headphones constantly to block out noise while working on videos. I would be able to spend a large amount of time putting these to the test.

Here are some of my previous pics:


I’m new to this and would like to help by testing, if that’s okay with y’all that is. I promise to try it then be honest with my opinions. Thanks!!


I’ll certainly widen the diversity of reviews, as 20 nearly identical unboxing videos won’t convince the diversity of potential buyers.

I’d test them from:

  • I’d test across a range of Android devices, one of which supports LDAC.
  • I’d test Linux, Ubuntu 20.04
  • I’d test Bluetooth 4.2 and 5.0
  • I’d test wired vs wireless
  • I’d particularly test ANC, which is the area my existing Q30 are weakest on, I’d compare with Bose QC35 and Sony wh-1000xm3. Currently the Sony have noticeably better ANC than the Q30.
  • I’d test the statefulness of the app, how it switched between modes and if it sticked.
  • I’d compare for comfort

  • Finally I’d try to break them logically, seek to find bugs and report them.

If I actually had the Q35 then I’d be able to help others.

My Q30 review:

If you want 20 unboxing videos similar, don’t send me anything.


Firstly thank you for the fantastic opportunity to apply for this testing programme, as a huge fan of Soundcore and owner of many of your products I’d be delighted to be selected to help to showcase this new product!

My YouTube channel link is below where you can see a dozen of my videos reviewing earphones and headphones. My testing plan would take an approach of undertaking varied activities with the headphones over the week’s time set out - this is something which I follow for all my reviews, this is in order to provide a full insight into the experience of a product by using it many different scenarios, including:

  • Uninterrupted home listening using a wide range of music genres;
  • Working from home including conference and video calls;
  • Activity including walking, running and exercise outdoors, in particular for this product with ANC in order to fully test the different noise cancelling and transparency functions
  • Long range comfort and battery tests

The review itself would take a similar format to the most recent videos on my channel, going through key features, full run-down of the Soundcore App, ANC performance, what I like about the product, any improvements I’d like to see and finally a detailed overview of my opinions of the sound quality. As an owner of the Life Q30 I would also draw some direct comparisons with these headphones in order to highlight the improvements on the new product. I have also previously owned the Life Q20s so can give some clear insight into the progression we’ve seen in this product range. Finally I entered the unboxing competition for the Liberty Air 2 Pro, which you can see on my channel also.

Link to my YouTube channel is as follows:

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I can make reviews as a regular user, a man from an ordinary family. Such a review from an independent person is sometimes more reliable and helpful than a review from a professional tester. We are a family of 5, so we can all test this product and describe our impressions (up to 3 children of different ages learning online). I can take good photos. If you have seen my last photo in the “Photo of the Week” thread, I can even interest our chickens in Soundcore😂.
I am probably the only representative of Poland in this community (new - with great sales opportunities - the market for Soundcore producers). Shipping to me is available from Soundcore EU store.
If you want reviews from Poland, I’d like to try it.


I have written a lot of more or less good reviews.:grin:
Mostly speakers.
I dont use any in ears, but those over ears I can use.
I donated my Q10 to my daughter.
I can test with Linux devices, Android tablet, mac book.

I am not willing to create such a quite useless and boring unboxing video.

This can be done by the specialists🙄

But I am sure to get help from the monkey engineers to write a funny story with some photos.
This I can and I am willing to do as usual.:grinning:


I would gladly accept Q35 for making unboxing/review. I am ready to test those with Android and Windows, can compare with former flagship Space NC, can check behavior in working environmet (ZOOM, MS TEAMS), etc.
Select me if you are interest in unboxing/review from EU member country (not Germany). Shipping to me is available from Soundcore EU store but if you can’t ship Q35 I can provide my secondary address in Germany.


Such a great opportunity. I would like to get Q35.

Wow, those are great pictures, no wonder you won photo of the week last week!

I would like to apply but does not include Turkey in the list. Anyway, I have been using the Q30 from December 2020 and my experience with the exception of the microphone is pretty good. I recommended the Q30 model to many people and they bought it. Maybe early testing may be useful for potential buyers for Turkey. I’m always here if you’re interested. Best regards to the entire Soundcore team.

Plus: I have a blog and have a little community in Turkey. So, i can write detailed review in Turkish. Also i have a tripod and microphone for video review. This is my old YouTube channel and this is my current blog. I as i told before, i can record or write review for potential Turkish users.

Wow, first off, thanks @SoundcoreAaron and crew for providing 20 sets for testing and review to the community. You’ll have a lot of suitable subjects to anoint with these for review.

As for myself, I’m more of a written review kinda person. I’ve reviewed many of soundcore products, which I have shared here (and other platforms). Below is the flare mini review. I have also done for the L2Ps.

I don’t mind making videos, and have a few posted for the infamous unboxing sort. One of which was entered in the recent unboxing challenge on the community as well. The last video I had posted was a creative vid for suggested soundcore swag, using a flare mini as the spaceship for the ball cap design :thinking:.

I have the Q10s for comparison to, and would highlight features that would be an upgrade to the new. Also, as I’ve had constraints w/ the Q10s working well with teams, I’d give the new ones a go and see if the results were better.

As for the review, I’d follow similar format to my previous reviews.

  • fit / comfort
  • battery run down
  • sound quality using speaker test set playlist
  • mic quality through iPhone and teams / win 10
  • Bluetooth range
  • charging time
  • teams / win 10 compatibility
  • anc testing (indoors work/home, outdoors)

Thanks again for the opportunity, and looking forward to some great reviews from those selected.


First of all thanks so much for the chance to even test it.

I would personally post an unboxing/first impressions post here on the Soundcore community as well as on the Anker community and a full review post on the Soundcore and Anker communities. I would also then share the link to both these posts on Twitter to try to spread the word even further.

My initial unboxing would include lots of photos through the entire process along with just the first impressions of the product without thorough testing. I have won photo of the week a bunch of times and have also had the honor of having some of my photos in the past featured on the Soundcore Instagram as proof of how good they are.

As for my full review I would love to get to put these headphones through the works. I would test how well they do on a variety of softwares as I have both a Mac laptop running Big Sur, a dell laptop running windows 10, and iPad with the latest iOS and and android phone. On all the different operating systems I would test how they sound both wired and wireless, as well as what features work well on what platforms, and the mic quality. I would give a full rundown of the app as well on all these platforms and review how they sound and what can be done if the person doesn’t like the initial sound they come with out of the box. I will test the comfort of them by wearing them all day to classes and meetings that I have on blackboard (a school video platform) as well as on zoom. I will also check how the mic sounds in all these meetings as well as on regular phone calls and facetimes. Of course this will be on top of the usual review that would see how long they can hold a charge for with and without ANC on, how long they take to recharge, how good the Bluetooth signal is, and how good the ANC modes are against basic white noise, busy streets, noisy families and other background noises. I currently have Sony WH1000xm2 and the Sony WHXB900N headphones that I can compare the noise canceling to since Sony is often viewed as some of the top noise cancelling headphones. And I have the Liberty air 2 pro that has noice canceling that I could also compare to even though they are earbuds. I would also test how accurate the auto pause feature they are introducing is by playing music on various devices and seeing how long it takes to detect that they are no longer on my head. I also am curious to see how easy or hard it will be to switch devices with these headphones since that is often something criticized. I would also provide a quick explanation of how to set them up and troubleshooting for any issues I come across in testing them. Obviously I will include even more pictures in the full review as I believe that is what helps a lot of consumers make their purchases. My review will be completely honest even if it means pointing out flaws and the things that I may not like of hope to see improved in the future. I’ve done reviews in the past for Anker link to my latest one below.


Also being able to have these on hand as an active member in the community would make trouble shooting all the posts that are sure to come with the release of this new product like they did with the Liberty air 2 pro easier. Thanks again for this amazing opportunity