New Life Note 3S 13.4 mm driver earbuds at Best Buy... No online equivalent?

Hi everyone! I stumbled upon this new gem at Best Buy. They have an odd shape to them that I don’t recognize in anything online (available at Amazon or Does anyone have the details on these? Best Buy isn’t the best at descriptions sometimes. From what I can figure out, they have 13.4 mm drivers (wow) are open-air, stem-style earbuds that work with the app. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing this. I wonder if it’s something new or if the driver size is a typo? :thinking:

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It’s very new.

No “difference description” letter so doesn’t appear on the face of it there an online equivalent.

This is though one of 3 unannounced Soundcore TWS buds if you look at the above. Too.Many.To.Track.

They look similar to the life p2 mini but not identical but similar style

I looked at those too. The Note 3S look like nothing I’ve seen from Soundcore. No ear tips! I imagine then to be like the OG Apple wired earbuds. What do you think?

Did noticed it in APP today

I love the earbuds with app support! Always a plus in my book.

this is what I’m seeing now, no Life 3S

Those are quite some odd looking earbuds, short stem and rather big end.

Wonder if you are getting them, and could share how they sound? :wink:

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I can’t get them at the moment. Waiting on my Liberty 3 Pros. I have to wait at least another week or so (kidding) before getting more Soundcore Earbuds.

I have the Life Note 3S buds and am very pleased with them. They do have an impressive 13.4mm driver and produce an amazing frequency response. I’m not a fan of using EQ’s, I prefer to hear music the way it was recorded and meant to be heard by the artist. These have great separation, clean solid bass, and crisp highs. I can easily hear all aspects of the music without any instruments getting overpowered by others. The strange design really works well for me, they sit very comfortably and snug, never causing any discomfort. Not quite the same for my wife whose ears are too small for these. I’ve only made a couple calls with these and both times the other person was unaware that I was using buds. They sounded natural on my side and I’m guessing the same on theirs. All the touch controls are working beautifully, not too sensitive but nicely responsive. Will definitely recommend these to anyone looking for this style, by far the most comfortable buds I’ve used.

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Good to know! If I weren’t so insanely happy with the Liberty 3Pros (that I don’t even EQ at this point), if consider getting me a pair. I love Soundcore. I must have more!

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Glad to know you happy about your new Soundcore product.

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