New Life Q30 Headphone Review!

I absolutely love these headphones!! I’ve been looking for some comfortable noise cancelling headphones for a long time, and these were absolutely perfect, as well as being under 100$!??!

It’s really easy to switch between the different ambient settings, although sometimes it seems to switch setting at random. This is rare, but annoying.

The sound and fit are really great for the price as well. My old headphones gave me headaches and pain after long use, but the Life Q30 headphones have a really comfortable fate. I do wish that they were able to get smaller for those of us with small heads, but overall, a very comfortable fit while still being durable.

The sound quality has really surprised me as well. The app is very easy to use and integrates so quickly and easily with multiple soundcore devices. It is simple to change sound settings for both veteran users and beginners, with preset and manual options.

Overall, an amazing get for the price. Never going to any other brand!!!

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Anyone have any advice on their favorite Soundcore products? Looking to learn more about the brand!!

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Depends on the use.

I can/will not use earbuds and overhead,
so I am using speakers only.
Always indoors in a small ca 16 sqm room.
For this situation my 2 Flares mini (TWS) are perfect for me.
Volume is ca 30%

The random switch may be due to the touch function that allows switching from two different settings.

The Life q30 are not really new but have been out since around Sept. 2020.

The newest headset is the Life Q45.

You should do a different picture to show off the Q30s when you get a chance. I do not think any of Soundcore’s headset are that tall although those are not the q30 for sure. So you may have posted a wrong picture to show them off.

You are not wearing the Soundcore Q30 headphones in the image. They look totally different.

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My favorite Soundcore Product is still the 1st I bought, the Motion Boom. I also like my Motion+.

For Earbuds I like the Liberty 3 Pro.

For Headphones I like the Q35, but my Q30 is also very good. If you don’t have./use LDAC then I’d definitely go with the Q30.

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My favourite Soundcore earbuds are the Liberty 3 Pro and I also love my Motion+ speaker!

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Wellcome to the Community.
As it was mentioned before you uploaded wrong photo.
To speak about my favourites… Lige Q30 and Motion+

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Q30 best deal on headphones. Liberty 2 pro are a good starting pair