New Moderators Discussion

Let’s take a vote on who you think would make the best moderators on this community (note: votes are anonymous).

  • Ndalby
  • Tank
  • gAnkster
  • TechnicallyWell
  • Insider
  • Shenoy
  • MichaelCharneco
  • Chiquinho

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I’m giving everyone three choices. I’m not sure how many moderators the soundcore team is planning on, but I think this is a good start.

Here’s a summary of all the suggestions for moderators duty’s

  1. That they be given specific information with which to create posts
  2. Moderators will send a weekly/monthly report to the soundcore team, with suggestions, or problems for the community, including suggestions provided by other members
  3. That they partake in regular “moderation” duties such as closing/merging/editing posts that need such
  4. On every members page there should be a link, that starts a private message with the user, and all the moderators. This would allow the moderators to answer questions for new users, to prevent repetitive threads being started with such questions
  5. Moderators must be patient and kind. They should lead by example. They should show respect for their fellow community members, both in action and in word.
  6. They should be able to perform basic duties, such as the merging/removing of posts, moving topics to the correct category’s etc.
  • it’s also been suggested That they get some sort of compensation/reward for their duty’s.

That’s it. I would love to update that list with more suggestions that everyone gives.

A moderator from the anker community, said he would like to see some “new blood” in the moderator team over here.

In addition, I’d like to post a quote from a star contributor on the other forum. Hopefully this will give some good insight to the soundcore team.

  • “I think the biggest room for improvement is in our communication with the admin team. I believe better communication between us about topics we want to create would lead to even higher quality content.”

I think the soundcore team would love more suggestions regarding the duties of moderators, as well as some more moderator candidates. Feel free to post as many suggestions or ideas as you want, and I will add them to the master list!

Can’t wait to see the outcome!


They would probably all be good. But in spite of much of this community being copied from Anker, not sure we should copy all of their moderators as well…

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Only two of those people are mods on anker…

My bad then. I guess I just assumed, with how active they all are on both sites.

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Hey @TechMan I appreciate your humility, but Why are you not on the list?

Thanks for putting together this poll :clap: :+1:


I nominate @TechMan


@TechMan should be on the list - I was hoping to vote for him :slight_smile:


If they want I would see the old team here again!


They make a great at the other forum job and could do this here to.

Or may be best would be we dont need such a team.:wink:


While the idea of moderators would be good for holidays / weekends (though @Loz and the team are super active then as well) I kinda like the hands on approach of the Soundcore team we’ve seen to date :slight_smile:

Regardless, some sound choices @TechMan (though I thought you would have been on the list also)


My Way of thinking is the Anker mods are wonderful. However, they have other things in life and I don’t want to over load them with too much of social service. Hence choose the next in line. Of course new blood.

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The “duties” you described are things that anyone on the forum could do - new or old. I mean one of the duties was that they should receive some kinda reward (hardly a duty in my books but wish I could have it in my current job lol)

Not that I want it to be seen as I’m taking anything away from the names suggested, I feel that any one of them would make a great choice for a mod. I also hope this doesn’t come across as bitchy/jealousy - just giving my 2 cents worth and looking at the other side of things.

While I understand carrying over mods would be great from an experience point of view, at the same I think why not have a whole new set of mods to give different perspectives.

Also, why have a separate forum if the same people are given mod/contributors etc roles/perks automatically.

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That’s why we need more suggestions on duties :wink:. The duties are just some stuff that me and the other guys came up with, but the soundcore team still wants more suggestions.

Oh and in addition to those I was assuming they would do the same things that most moderators do- delete/merge/edit posts that need that stuff done.

I agree that a new set of mods should be in order. If for nothing else, Just so they don’t have too much on their plate.

Again, I’m sure the soundcore team would love suggestions on what the moderator’ teams “duties” would be.

Btw I’ve edited the “duties” list with your new insight :wink:

Good points…don’t think anyone would balk at receiving rewards as part of the duties :wink: :laughing:

I like where this is going with the responsibilities. I also think it’s great for Soundcore to have some “approved” customers (moderators) providing direct feedback to Loz and the rest of the team on community improvements, needed actions, and future direction.

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Would’ve been a bit cheeky to nominate myself for moderator :wink:

What about moderators helping members navigate the community? Like maybe a link on each member’s page where they can click and ask a question to the group of moderators about how to earn points, or what is and is not acceptable to post. I know the information is out there, but for individuals that are new, it would be very helpful. And that way they aren’t bothering the all-important Loz for such silly nonsense?


The supposed emperor tries always to crown himself.

Thought that’s what you’re known for :wink: :laughing:

Just jesting ya :smile:


I’m interested to understand what you think has been copied from the Anker Community? The layout of the conversation section is the same because both of us use “Discourse” Community software, but the content style is different, there’s a Gallery section that forefronts images and videos, the Points system is different, we offer Notes that are far more valuable because they can be used to purchase things as opposed to entering a giveaway for a chance to get something, not to mention we reward heavily for sales, referrals and online reviews on key websites. I don’t think there’s much similar between the two communities.