New Music Friday! | Share the songs that you have been listening to recently

The Soundcore team hasn’t posted this in a while so I wanted to bring it back! There won’t be any giveaway ticket prize, but drop some songs that you listened to recently down below :arrow_down:


Here’s something I never saw posted.


Nice to see this being revived :). I have a couple to check out:

Tina Karol - Idi na zhizin

Lølø - Hate you

Have both on my Spotify playlist, I can post link if anybody interested.

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I’ll have to check these songs out again. I think instead of making a new link every Friday we should just use this one thread to put new songs you have been listening to on

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It gets old every so often. Having to dig down through a lot of posts discourages participation eventually.

I have been trying to migrate everything to spotify this week, so lots of time spent fixing playlists and broken matches rather than searching for anything new.

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live music on stage, all other “artifical recordings” I dont like.

This was a very good pick, catchy song and quite the production for the video.

@Mike2468 NF video / song was also pretty good tooo.

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Thomas Bergersen - Mountain Call

It may not necessarily be new to me, but Thomas is always a go-to when I’m wanting to listen to music.


this was such a great crossroads in my opinion

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A lot of soundtracks here. The hobbit most recently. Good music.

I still got that weird al tune stuck in my head and not sure what it is. Lol