New/never used Anker soundcore liberty air 2 left earbud not charging

I just bought myself a pair of soundcore liberty air 2 yesterday and the left side will never charged. I tried with the case opened and closed and its the same thing. However the right side and the case , charges to full just fine.
Case shows 1 led blink few times indicating battery < 10%
After resetting the buds a voice keep notifying “low battery”

Can i get some help??!?

tried the following:

  1. reset method (after reset a voice keep notifying “low battery”)
  2. cleaning (following the video)
  3. taking it in and out the case, using usb cable connecting the case to the charger and also using the case without connecting to the changer (case battery is full)

If brand new and you checked there is no sticker on the earbud as well,
I would contact to see if they can send a new pair.

There’s always a chance it’s a hardware fault, unlikely as they are tested in factory. However the LA2 is a years old product, if yours has been manufactured years ago and stored badly it could have killed it’s battery interim. While it may be new to you it could have been 2+ years old chronological.

More likely is you have some debris on bud or case interference with charging, so give it a closer look and clean with isopropyl alcohol. Make sure you check inside the case as the pins well recessed so flashlight and magnifying glass.

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Most of the earbud cases will let you know that the earbuds are charging.

When you close the case, it should do a blinking on the first and 3rd led light. to let you know that both are connected and hitting the pins. If that does not happen then it may be an indicator of the pins may not getting contact. If it does show led 1 and 3 doing a blink then it is likely a bad earbud per say…