New noise cancelling TWS buds pre-order £20 discount - October 7th

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Speculate as to specs and price below. With the “much anticipated” words ringing, these are my guesses

  • ANC obviously as they state that, but is ANC accomplished same time as as good or better than L2P?
  • but all throw in all the features we’ve seen earlier,
  • like wear detection,
  • golden sound implies hi-res audio
  • and LDAC
  • ambient as they added that to L2P+
  • case has wireless charging, USB-C as this is becoming de-facto from Soundcore
  • Do you think they’ll have the “find me” feature from Life P3? I think that’s easy to implement and there’s certainly enough threads of “I lost my…” so I was wondering if find-me of the case (so the case has a speaker within) and the buds like the P3?
  • Do you think they used my idea of combining HearID with better ANC? Or is that in the product after as I think too far ahead?

What’s lacking, is then added into the Liberty Pro Professor Edition ™ ?

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Nice list… Here comes the massive announcement we’ve all been waiting for :grimacing:

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Indeed, and first of many I suspect through October, building up some great products for the holiday season. It’s been a tough year for some, and electronics shortages drove technology prices up and now signs of improvement.

I’ve scrolled back and my first Liberty 2 Pro + ANC words were February so yes long anticipated. The fact they still hadn’t put ANC in the L2P Upgraded + means it has been quite the challenge so good luck to Soundcore on Thursday.

And so the hinting engine builds for Thursday…

If they come with those awful ear wings from Liberty 2 Pro then it is a NO.

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What exactly was wrong with them and what would you recommend is better? How could you tell if you saw a review? Would you have to try them in your ear to know?

They don’t fit every ear style (I’m one of those cases) which makes the buds to fall off. They rely only on the back of your ear to hold, and if your ear is not properly shaped they will never get a grip properly, specially when you talk on the mic and move your jaw.

The best ear wings I’ve tried are the AirWings from Life Dot 2. Unfortunately, they only come on lower price models without the best features. I have friends that bought the same products and said the same thing about them.

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Oh that.

Yes I’m the same, I’ve had Neo, LA2, P2, they all fall out so I only use them sat down so they fall to the sofa. I only go out and move with the Slim wired buds, or use overear.

Fortunately the only money I wasted was £35 for the Life P2.

Which is why I keep mentioning this



I wont link to it but seems Android Authority are saying something 6 hours ago.