[New Release] Rave Neo

Soundcore has just released a new party speaker… Take a look at Rave Neo!

Features & details

  • Colossal Sound: Enjoy 50W of sound with bass that’s intensified in real-time by exclusive BassUpTM technology.
  • Connect 100+ Speakers: Wirelessly link more than 100 speakers for synchronized music and lights using our PartyCast technology.
  • Beat-Driven Light Show: Vivid LEDs phase, pulse, and shine along with the rhythm of your music for a truly immersive audiovisual experience.
  • Listen for Longer: Enjoy 18 hours of continuous playtime from a single charge. Charge your devices using the built-in USB port.
  • IPX7 Protection: The waterproof casing is also shockproof to ensure Rave Neo can withstand even the wildest parties.
  • Soundcore App: Customize the built-in lights using LightDJ or tailor the sound with a customizable EQ and Indoor and Outdoor modes.
  • Portable Design: Use the flexible handle to easily transport Rave Neo to and from parties.

Pricing and Availability: Soundcore’s Rave Neo is available to order now from walmart.com for $99.00 and should begin shipping immediately.

What are your thoughts on Soundcore’s latest party speaker? Be sure to let us know with a reply.

Note: Trance Go (a version without LEDs) is also coming soon.


Aww, it so tiny and cute looking. Lol. I dig it, and can see using this around the house while doing yard work or working on the car. Much more portable than the trance and louder than the flare/2

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This looks like Trance / Rave Mini minus the False bottom speaker area :+1:

Makes it look more portable than Trance/ Rave Mini!!

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Price is too steep right now. I would expect a permanent cut to $80 in a few months (like we saw with the wakey and rave mini).

I think I would go for the trance go over this one, since I seldom use the lights. Just paying extra for features I don’t need or want.

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Trance had actually seen price reduced from $149.99 to $139.99… So in long run, Rave Neo price may go down to $89.99… and Max discount taking it to $69.99

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I was hoping for a little more power but I don’t want to drag anything larger to the beach. My Motion + is 30W so I am not sure this is enough of a difference to warrant another BT.

Back in the early days, we dropped $300 on a single Jawbone Big Jambox so I guess two different ones for under that is not so bad. Decisions?

It is not in stock yet, so I guess I have some time to ponder this.

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Bam! I pulled the trigger.


Let us know what you think of it once you get a chance to try it out!

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Okay. I have had it for less than 24 hours but here are my initial reactions:

I love my Motion+. It is probably the best sounding BT speaker I have ever heard up close. The clarity is unsurpassed. However, when you take it outside or into a very large space it is not as good. We have a beach place and most people would probably be happy with the M+ on the beach. My problem with it is that the bass quickly dissipates when you take it outside (particularly with the white noise that the waves generate) and the M+ is just not large enough to have powerful bass.

So I was looking for a louder speaker with enough bass to sound good outside. I almost bought the Trance but it looks larger than I wanted. I don’t want something so large that I have to lug it back and forth.

Along comes the Rave Neo:

  1. The 50W power sounds loud enough (M+ is 30W and is incredibly loud for its size). I estimate that it would satisfy 19/20 use cases (beach, pool, camping, cookouts, tailgates, etc.) Some people want soul-crushing volume and they are only going to be happy with the full-size Rave and its competitors.

  2. The bass sounds very good. It is adjustable to your tastes too with Indoor/Outdoor mode and Bass Up.

  3. I like the form factor. It is about the size and weight of a gallon of milk. This is about the limit on what I am willing to carry down to the beach so I am glad it sounds good. It even has the flexible nylon web handle that I like about the Trance.

  4. It obviously does not have the clarity of sound that my M+ has but it is better than I expected. The difference will not be noticeable outside where I plan to use it the most.

  5. 18 hour battery life vs 12 hours on the M+ is a plus too.

I expect to use my M+ indoors and when I am up close like while I am grilling. I expect to use the RN for pretty much everything else outdoors. I hope this helps.


When I first saw this Walmart I wasn’t impressed since I was planning getting a trance or the other big one for more barn and workshop. You made a great point on its portability For the price, I’d rather have this then the flare. Its going to be louder (hear over loud equipment) and have better sound quality (I would think). But I want to see a price drop before I get my hands on one.

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For a speaker this size, it pumps out a lot of sound and has pretty good bass. I picked mine up at Walmart and I’m really happy with it


You’re totally right! I bought a 2 pack of the flares about 2 years ago and have been using those. When I picked up the rave neo, the sound quality doesn’t compare. It is louder but where you’ll notice the difference is with the bass.

Looks nice… not sure how it compares to Rave Mini in size.

Rave Neo looks like a minions…mostly the one eyed Stuart, eye matches the colorful ring :grin:


Rave Neo is now available for delivery!

Great you gave us some useful insights. Thank you.

I use the M+ inside and I like it.
Never used the speaker outside.
It’s always located in my lousy :joy: home office here.

This Rave Neo is not offered here in Germany.
But who knows what future brings…
Could be a nice addition to my speakers.

Enjoy the Sunday!

I just ordered one on impulse! I’m hoping it delivers the soundcore quality that I’ve always been impressed with!


After testing, you have to tell us about your opinions.
Don’t forget, the most important aspect of a speaker is the sound!


No worries, I know lots about audio, I can give an easy to understand description of it’s sound :grinning: I should have a review up within 3 days


Take your time and do not forget a speaker needs a certain time to get “free” membranes.

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Can you party cast this with the trance?

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