[New Release] Soundcore Life Q10 - Amazon US $39.99

The Soundcore Life Q10 over ear headset with USB-C is now up on Amazon US for ordering :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Soundcore is Anker’s audio brand, Our signature sound is loved by 10 million+ people around the world.
  • Hi-res certified sound: The Hi-Res logo is a guarantee of exceptional audio quality, awarded only to audio devices capable of producing the most accurate representation of what the artist intended. Unlike ordinary headphones, life Q10 deliver sound up to 40 KHz for the richest, most nuanced listening experience.
  • Bass up: our exclusive BASSUP technology analyzes your Audio’s low frequencies in real-time and instantly increases the Bass. Combined with oversized 40mm dynamic drivers, bass power is boosted up to 100%. a button on the right ear cup activates BASSUP.
  • 60-Hour playtime: an advanced Bluetooth chip with reduced power draw combines with Anker’s world-renowned power technology to offer enormous playtime. Listen for 2 hours a day for an entire month.
  • Fast-charging: in a rush? Charge life Q10 for 5 minutes and listen for up to 5 hours. With a USB-C charging port for charging convenience and expanded compatibility.

Note: This product is not currently compatible with iPhone 11 series, but is being upgraded.

Now available to order at $39.99 on Amazon US with stock expected on 2nd October 2019


Not a bad price, but the look of them leaves much to be desired as they look like the cheap 10 , headphones you can buy from the dollar store

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Yay for USB-C charging!

USB-C is fine.
There may be many reasons for this feature.
One important for me : I have always troubles to plug the plug of USB mini.
Old eyes and trembling fingers! :joy::joy::joy:

How would you like those should look.
Less plastic?
I really like the combination of the red and black colour.

Anyone else getting a ‘essence’ of Beats in the colour design :wink:

I like the price and the design. I’m not one for over the ear headphones, but if I was I would definitely pick up a pair. Can’t wait to see our community review these in the future!!

I agree. My younger son has had issues with his USB mini and it caused the pins to bent on his device.

Not bad looking at all. USB-C is a plus. I wonder how it compares in sound to the Q20.

Dont get me wrong, I love the red and black color scheme as those are my favorite colors. But the style and look of the headphones just looks like every other cheap crappy headphones you see at the dollar store or corner market.
It just doesnt fit in with Soundcores image

I understand you, Rob.

I was taking a glimpse at Amazon.de
There are many similar headphones.
So the really cheap ones from the “1 dollar shop” might look the same. :wink:

But how should the soundcore look like?
More metal, less plastics?
I would like those in brushed aluminum. (same colours)
But such a modification would bring an enormous increase in price.
-> production costs!

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I like cast aluminum, lightweight and can save on cost. Too much plastic makes them feel cheap

But don’t forget the costs of production with those alu.
Are customers willing to pay this, even the headphones are looking sensational?
I don’t think so.
Here in Germany they won’t. :
Cheap, cheaper, the cheapest. No matter if it is good quality or not. :angry:

There are companies making cast aluminum headphones for under 50 bucks, so I dont see why soundcore couldnt make it happen

So those plastic ones seem to be overpriced!

Not a bad set of earphones but I do agree somewhat on the look. At first glance they reminded me of the cheap generic junk you can find at the store . On closer inspection it looks like they are built better and look more comfortable.

Is there a hardware requirement / Chip on the headphones that needs to make it compatible with iPhone 11 series?

May be @Loz @Hannah can shed some light

Not really. The compatibility is about the bluetooth protocol, which means the firmware inside of the chip that matters. As I know our engineer guys have been working closely with our core suppliers to solve this problem (flash bought an iPhone11 from HK right after the release :laughing:) There will be an update solution for non-compatible product soon.


Thanks for the update @poppo.wang

Nice to meet yet another member from Soundcore, welcome @poppo.wang !!! image

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Good news.
Those kind of communication is really great.
We all often have missed that.

Seems a new era has startet! :clap::clap::clap::clap: