New Soundcore Life P3 Coming Soon

Just saw these come up on the Soundcore site no more details yet except the color of coral red. They currently are listed for pre order so I wonder how long it will be before people can get these in their hands and start listening with them.

Personally I’m hoping they have a nice blue like they have for the Liberty air 2 pro and the life q 30 and 35 but that’s just me. Anyone want to start guessing at the price or features. They honestly look like a big redesign in my opinion. With so many people loving the P2 I hope these are another great pair of headphones from Soundcore. Also you can sign up to get notified about these using the link below.


Thanks for the information about the new Soundcore product. :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope they will be as good as the entire Life series.

Thanks for info.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Seems like they have touch controls, which will be nice.

I have the Life 2 and like them a lot. After reading reviews I might get a pair of these, but not in red. My pair is still in good shape and there’s no point replacing them.

We are all different and I know my preferences are not representative here.

I have the Life P2 and I liked them for 2 reasons.

They stayed in the ear better than the Neo I bought before (biggest waste of money).

P2 cost me £33. They are regularly now £30.

They fall out of my ear still and I’d rather have a £33 product fall out and lost/broken than anything else.

As to P2 audio quality, they are fine for me. After buying the P2 I won free the LA2 and can’t spot the difference sound quality and fit, but I carry the LA2 more often as the case is smaller. The LA2 has the app which allows me to disable touch controls as I have to push them back in ear and accidental button press means I like no button.

I also read the P3 specs in the other places, but I will wait for reviews.

Sat now with these as I can’t lose them, I advocating this design doesn’t get forgotten. I leave house with my 3 year old phone and my 2 year old buds and my 4 year old Powercore II 6700 as they all still work.

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thanks for sharing @ktkundy, looking forward toe th P3s, hopefully not only available in red.

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