New Soundcore Survey

This is available on the Soundcore App

If any Soundcore team members would like to send me a pair if these ever come out, I’ll be more than happy to review them😉

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Wonder if this came from the Anker engineer design sessions or if they had this in the works already. :thinking::thinking:


They likely already had this in the works. Probably chose that product to showcase because they already had something similar.

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I figured that as well. I thought they did state one or two that they had in the works that was similar.

Smart sound glasses makes perfect sense for cycling, such as navigation.

Smart sound glasses really does make sense for cycling :bike:. I logged onto the app & completed the survey.

They’re good

Could someone please share a link to the survey?

Here you go

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Definitely think that this was something in the works before the livestream because bone conduction has started to pick up especially with Bose

Seems cool I’d give it a shot.

Many companies have made this device and did it wrong I believe Soundcore can prefect this product