New speaker launched today Soundcore Motion X600 Reviews

No announcements here but that’s no surprise. It’s on their website etc so looks legit mention here now.

There’s an early adopters discount (e.g. UK change for your country)

I assume one of the testers is selling theirs already a used unit for sale.

Hey Soundcore we work for tips here.


I just noticed Alan’s review and I was going to post it, but you beat me to the punch. I didn’t really watch it yet because I also just received a new Hybrid Tube Headphone Amp I’m in the process of checking out.

It’s somewhat surprising Soundcore didn’t even mention it here? It’s almost like they don’t care about us or this place anymore.

What I’m currently preoccupied with…


The email flyers began after I posted.

So first reviewers, then email… never community.

This is what’s taking my time, tuning my camp cooking kit, offline next week.


Have fun camping!

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Happy Camping… I need to get back into camping some more as it has been a bit. I need to get a new lantern.

I actually only saw this on a twitter feed yesterday but was not really looking much that site though.

Will try to look at a few reviews later on but I am not really liking the design. I think it is mostly do too the handle but I guess if it sounds good, it would less of an issue.


The design isn’t doing anything for me either. However I wish my Motion Boom and plus had LDAC. That’s the only thing I noticed on the new speaker. I think the upward facing speaker would be useless if it was used outside.

You wouldn’t hear any difference, you would just notice that the battery life would be 2/3 or 1/2.

I think LDAC is completely unnecessary in these portable speakers. An aptX, aptX Adaptive would be plenty enough. But, if it’s a new speaker, and latest bluetooth version, why no LC3 support?

For me this speaker is a disappointment. Alan Ross wasn’t crazy about it either. I haven’t watched the videos of the other “testers” yet, I just had a look at Patrick Rambles’ test. He says it’s the best speaker he’s heard so far. Maybe, but he certainly hasn’t heard much …

Just because you can’t hear a difference, doesn’t mean no one can. On top of that, you could always turn it off and go back to SBC if you don’t notice an improvement. That being said I’m not against aptX, aptX Adaptive, or aptX HD also.

Let me rephrase: no better sound will come out of the speaker. At least I strongly doubt that there would be such quality speakers in the X600 that would be able to sound the extra “information”.

In my opinion, on the line of battery life vs. sound quality, an aptX adaptive would, in my opinion, provide a much more balanced performance (as it did with the Motion+).

It’s worth listening to Alan’s test. Leaving aside the more powerful bass (which is nowhere to be found compared to Boom), the Motion+ sounds as clear, if not clearer, than the X600.

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True it’s harder to detect sound quality difference in a speaker than in/over ear as you’ve got reflected sound which arrives at ear different times and so “widens” the sound so you’re going to struggle to detect any difference in codec.

I’d also not attach much weight to someone’s opinion when they were told what the specs were, they are then led to expectations which if too high produces a false negative and if too low produced a false positive. I’d rather just put blind a speaker on and wait for an opinion.

I’m pretty sure those who are expecting ldac to sound better are behind false positive conclusions.

The Motion + had straight aptX not aptX Adaptive.

@The_Professor Just out of curiosity: Do you think MP3’s in 320 kb/sec sound better than 96 or 128 kb/sec? If you have good files - Hi-Rez or FLAC, 990 kb/sec FLAC should sound better then 320 kb/sec. Whether or not everyone can hear that difference is a different question.

What I’m saying is give me the choice and if I can’t hear it then I can always select the lower bit-rate CODEC.

You did not read carefully what I wrote. I’m not saying that you wouldn’t hear the difference between SBC and LDAC, I’m saying that this speaker doesn’t make it.

I bet I could show you a bluetooth speaker where you wouldn’t hear the difference (128 kbit/s vs 320 kbit/s). Get it? :wink:

On higher end BT speakers you should be able to hear the difference unless no matter what you won’t hear the difference (some would fall into that category).

The thing is if you have the option to turn off the CODEC (aka pick and choose), I don’t see what the problem is.

Do you get it now?

Edit If you use Apple/IOS it’s all a moot point since you’re limited to a single CODEC (AAC)

We started from here (see quoted text), and you completely misunderstood that.
In other words: in the case of a Boom or Boom Plus, it is 100% that neither you nor anyone else will hear the benefits of the LDAC, because these speakers are very, very far from the “high end” speakers you mentioned.
… and I can tell you blindly that the X600 is not a speaker that can do that. Just take a look at Alan Ross’ graph.


So you’re one of those people that thinks if you can’t hear a difference, no one can. If you don’t want the choice, no one should have it. I understand you now. I’m done wasting my time responding to you!

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I remember we were singing their songs when driving to our performances in the 1960’s.
We were as perfect as those “Boys”.
I love them!


I saw the post on Instagram last week and then multiple influencers talking about it. But no testing/unboxing. Just a bunch of people saying to buy it. Looked here and of course no updates.

It’s getting harder to remember to check in here and see how things are going.

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True. Superficial people influence superficial people.

A lie can travel half way around the Internet before the Truth gets its boots on. Anker needs to stop doing this.

I just see a speaker and the usual suspects do clickbait. Pointless. To me.

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I feel like Anker is starting to act like the bigger name brands and just copy how they market their products.

I’m still hesitant to try lesser known speaker/earbud brands but I’ve slowly started purchases chargers and cables from other companies that aren’t using using the trending marketing practices.

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