New type of mobile : The XIAOMI Mi Mix Alpha

Saw this today.
I am not such a mobile user, but this type is really something new.
Both side screen!

You may have better ideas than I do.

This thread is not only created to earn points. :wink:

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So you can sit in a restaurant booth across from someone, and both watch TV on the same phone :joy:

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Meanwhile we know the price of this innovation.
Not a bargain! :joy:

wonder what protective cases they will have for it - if even possible.

Although I’m sure screen replacement won’t be as much as Apple charge :joy:

A bit of info on the phone, certainly like the second paragraph :laughing:

The Mi Mix Alpha’s body is made of a single piece of sapphire glass, with ceramics and aerospace-grade titanium alloy. So what does the extra display get you? Nothing much. The back display lights up and takes over the front screen’s duties when you flip the phone. Otherwise, it just sits there doing nothing.

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The smudges, the fingerprints, ahhhh

Interesting concept, would be neat if you can turn the whole rear screen white and use it as a light for shooting in the dark.

Anker torches are cheaper! :joy:

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