New user can’t switch on to get started

I just got my first pair of frames but I can’t seem to get them switched on. I’ve put them on charge, put them on, press/hold the Soundcore logo for 3/10 seconds but i don’t hear anything and it’s not in my list of Bluetooth devices or visible on the app. When I put back on charge the charger lights go green on each arm but soon go blank. Is there a knack to switching them on or an indicator on the arms? Any help appreciated, I’m feeling dumb

I don’t own these frames.
You could ask the support.

Our Professor :grin: could know about.
May be he can help you out, because he is using those frames.

Begin with them charged and you removed the charging cable then open sides and place on head.

Then press hold for a few seconds towards the rear just behind or above ear to force them to detect you’re wearing them. Helps if nothing on your head and no hair in way so you’re pressing the sides rear /middle close to skin. They should then make a sound as turning on.

Then pair and then app connect.


Thanks for your help Prof, all working and sounding great

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Good. Did I help or someone else or your figured it out by yourself?

I’ve used mine daily since new, I really like them, use walking / biking, mostly listening to live news or podcasts.

I’m currently doing an immunology course , which is quite a dense topic and listen to them after watching the videos to help remind myself.

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