New workout earbuds coming 21st June – 👍🏻

Just received a mailer with this news – from the teaser, they look awesome!


From their site.

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Life P4? New website is cringe… at least on mobile…

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Look at the animation

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Rotating ear hooks… that would be innovative… kinda reminds me of flip up sunglasses… ohhh there the next model idea for the Soundcore frames…


Can’t wait to see what it will be. Thanks for sharing

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OOO exciting I cant wait to see how these compare to the spirit dot 2 and spirit x2 that I use for working out currently (sometimes I use the life p3 or the life A1). I hope the ear hooks are done well. I know some including myself had mentioned how the x2 had some issues for people who wear glasses. definitely going to be interesting. I hope they have some nice reviews and comparisons to what they already have out coming. starting to get a little confusing with the differences between some of them


For workouts you’re moving so much buds would fall out, and glasses would fall off so I don’t think these buds intended use would overlap glasses use?

I would disagree about the glasses falling off I wear wear glasses for a decent amount of workouts and yes sometimes the earbuds fall out mostly the ones with the stems I’ve never had the other three fall out on me even in crazy movements where I feel like they should. Luckily I don’t depend on my glasses so when I use the x2 I usually just take the glasses off since they fit better that way

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There are plenty of people for whom none of the current buds stay in, not just for workouts but just talking or eating or turning heads.

So I’m sure there’s the grey area market where buds still in mostly apart from moving more.

This is part of the reason I got the Frames as I’ve never found buds to stay in, and why I daily wear the discontinued Slim around-neck buds, I bought two sets 3 years ago, 1 still works, wearing now. The wire allows the bud to fall but to the neck not to the ground. Frames+wired is a good combination as the Frames not ideal when stationary in groups of people.

So I’m sure these “New workout earbuds” will fill a niche. It is nice to see also innovation in different directions, not just another stick looking highly similar to other sticks. P2, P3, P2i, P2 mini, P3, P3i… I can’t even remember there’s so many. I’d also like them to revisit wired around neck buds, it totally solves the issues of falling out, getting lost, losing one bud, no case to lose, no charging pins to clear, no TWS pairing issues. “KISS”

Let’s see what 21st reveals.

I wonder if this will be called like Spirit X3 after the X2 as they were the last ones to have the hooks.

I could have used something like that the last few days. I have been cutting on a big tree and washing the house down.

Got most of it ready to burn and just need to move the big logs another day.

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Takes me back to my Baseball days! I played a ton and coached Boys Hardball for 17 years!

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I thought I recognised you :muscle:



This was what it was before…

Will say the new buds do an an advantage over the Spirit x series (which I loved the original) is I think these with the s curved should sit better into the ears.

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