New Year New Me | Photo Of The Week

Happy New Year! :tada: It’s time for the first photo challenge of the year, let’s see how you are starting 2021 with your newest or favorite Soundcore products!

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:


Will try to wait until later this week for that new earbuds to come in

Those should look amazing. Kinda jealous of the color, but if I did get them wife would just take them.

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I’m giving them to my sibling because the color is a little too bright for me :joy:

Feel like the case is the flashy part. Earbuds might not be that bad

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I’m not sure who I will be this year yet… Oh wait, the old me but even older I guess.

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Hmmm interesting not sure what I’ll do for a photo but will give it some thought

Dawn of a new year, out with the old (boards) and in with a new flare mini…

Year for more adventures admist travel restrictions, more staycations and spending quality time with fam.


Nice pic but I think I would have cut the sun out. The sun seems to be the main focal point

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Thx, just did quick trim. Was hard to believe we had above zero weather this past weekend.

Made for great time at the beach… no polar bear swim though…

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I do like that better. I think the wood is a good contrast to make you focus on the speaker as well. :framed_picture:

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I started working out with Apple Fitness+, but I wasn’t able to fully appreciate their awesome playlists with just the TV’s built-in speakers. I’ve since hooked up the Soundcore Trance to the TV (via an AUX cable) and the music and bass are so much better now! With the lights, every workout feels like a party!


When the music is over turn off the lights.


How good is that Apple Fitness+? I’ve been working out using some videos too and hoping to continue with classes starting soon

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I’ve really been enjoying it! The integration with Apple Watch is very cool, and there are a lot of different workouts which get updated each week. I do wish you could play your own playlists during the workouts, but maybe that will come in a future version.

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Okay, how is that the new you? In any case, I am well represented by the worn in boards…

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Flare mini is new, just received it before Christmas, thought it was a good juxtaposition with the old boards.

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I been about to get an apple watch for the last two years but keep talking myself out of it.

I want an apple watch just dont want to spend the money on it.

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