New Year’s Resolution #1: Help Grassroots Artists Grow Into Grammy Winners with LÜM

Hi Guys,

Today, we finally get to reveal Soundcore’s biggest news of the year! 2020 has been an inferno of a dumpster fire, so let’s say good riddance with something to smile about.

For 2021, we’re going to make 3 huge New Year’s resolutions, and over the next few days, we’ll give you the inside scoop on all of them. Today is our first resolution, and I have the pleasure of unveiling all the info!

Resolution Number 1: Help Grassroots Artists Grow Into Grammy Winners with LÜM

It’s easy to forget that the most popular artists are the microscopic tip of a million-ton iceberg in the music industry. There are countless artists who have the potential to be as big as the world’s most famous performers, but they’ll never break out into the mainstream. But why is that? How do the big-time musicians find success?

As you might guess, talent and hard work are important, but there’s no lack of that. What really matters is plain, old-fashioned, luck. With that said, there is a lot that all of us can do to improve the fortunes of some of the most talented and passionate performers that we’ve never heard of.

To do our part, Soundcore is partnering up with LÜM. Does that name ring a bell for any of you? It should! We teased you during our #AudioEscape room with their logo. If you didn’t do your research, LÜM is a music streaming service that puts a huge focus on grassroots artists. Not only do they offer a platform for upcoming performers to get their music to people who’ll love it, they also pay the artists 4 or 5 times more than other streaming services.

Here are the most important parts of the Soundcore x LÜM journey:

  • In January 2021, the Soundcore app will get a LÜM music player, which users can listen to completely free. This puts loads of amazing artists right at your fingertips (all ready to play via your Soundcore gear).
  • In the coming months, the Soundcore Collective will get an integrated LÜM player to enjoy and share your favorite songs and artists.
  • Finally, we have some awesome upcoming stuff that we have to keep secret for now :shushing_face: (seriously, @Loz will kill me).

As soon as I heard we were going to be working with LÜM, I signed up to get the inside experience. When registering, I was asked my favorite genres and immediately got presented with a tailor-made playlist. I have niche music taste, but the quality of music was on par with the playlists of streaming services that boast the biggest music catalogs in the world. You should get signed up now and check it HERE before it appears in the app.

And the Cool News Train doesn’t stop there. We’re completely overhauling the Soundcore podcast and will be working with another company to produce some unmissable content—you should definitely come back tomorrow to hear more on that. One of the first guests on our pumped up podcast will be the CEO of LÜM, Max Fergus. We’ll get the inside scoop on LÜM and will squeeze him for all the juicy info we can.

That just about wraps it up for today, but I would like to say one more thing. Along with so many industries, music and entertainment has been decimated by the events of 2020, so it’s more important than ever to do what we can to support artists, especially the ones we’ve never heard of. After all, without new music, what use are Soundcore’s headphones and speakers?

See you tomorrow when @SoundcoreAaron will be here to provide even more breaking info!


Hands up if you spotted the LÜM Easter Egg in the #AudioEscape room :raised_hands:


:raised_hands:sweet. Thanks for the heads up to a great service. :wink:


What does “LÜM” mean?
That Umlaut “Ü” ?

And how do you pronounce it?
(As far I know there is no correct pronunciation in English for that “Ü”)

May be its an abbreviation of “Lümmel:rofl:


Seems LUM stands for Live Undiscovered Music…

And looks like guess #2 was bang on the money for me :slight_smile:


:raised_hands: tbh tho I had no clue wat it was :joy:. Signed up !

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No LUM its LÜM - > Ündüscüvered! :rofl:

But I have found it : its Turkish!

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Signed up. I’ll give it a go at work today.

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There is not a correct pronunciation that I know of either but often an e gets added after the vowel. My last name is supposed to have a ü but instead to “Americanize” it it has a ue instead.

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I know, and the Qwerty keybord has no Umlaut. The Qwertz has all ÜÖÄ
Turkisch lanquage has only Ü and Ä

And I live in München or Muenchen.
Both possible,

Your “ue” will never get pronounced as a “ü” will remain a “u” :smile:


Yeah I agree I’ve lived a life of people butchering my last name :joy::joy:


But you can nothing do against it. :smile:

The French got the right pronunciation of a German “ü” its simple their “u”


I’m curious how lum makes their money, if it is free for the end users and ad free as well. Guess I will have to dig a little more.

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I found it in the terms of service and privacy agreement… name of the entity is live undiscovered music.

Licence in spelling of the acronym…

Lengthy privacy and tos agreement…

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I was joking, as usual.
I think they use the “Ü” to make the name more strange and “in”.

What about soundcore?

Lets change to

söündcöre :rofl:


Just the 5 mins I spent on there you can buy notes to use. It seems similar to buying Bits on twitch to give to streamers if you are familiar with that.


Interesting concept but I think I would still do ads. :wink:

Will have to check out LUM tomorrow. Not too sure if I’ll stick to it for long since I enjoy Hindi songs more

ooh i’m excited for the built in music player on the site

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