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Hey, Collective!

How many of you are patrons of the pew pew? I mean, video game fans?

I know I am, and I promise to stop referring to video games as “the pew pew” if you can help me out with a few things I’ve been wondering about.

For those of you who are gamers, any plans to get a PS5 or new Xbox? Or have you, like me, drifted away a bit from console gaming over the years and have begun doing more gaming on PC?

Regardless, it’s apparent that the new consoles are shipping with a slew of exciting new features, from advanced graphics processing to highly-accurate tactile and haptic feedback embedded into the controllers.

Not to mention an iconic new design.

But with all the fuss over these new features, sometimes audio gets left out of the conversation, even though it is a crucial part of gaming. Audio immerses you in the game world, while the use of music can help build tension or even stir emotion in some games.

Audio is a critical part of game design. For example, did you know that even though the creators of Pong were working with primitive hardware, they knew they needed to include three different sounds. Essentially these were just differently-pitched beeps, but they were important as sensory confirmation to players that the “ball” had bounced off the wall, the other player’s paddle, or that a point had been scored.

Of course, those who have been playing games since the days of Mario and Sonic are guaranteed to retain everlasting memories of some of the tracks in those games. Composed in .midi format using only four layers of audio, they were nevertheless precisely crafted to capture the imagination and evoke a theme. They also managed to be catchy without becoming annoying; even after hours of repetition.


  1. With the introduction and increasing accessibility of 3D audio and VR, how do you imagine the gaming experience evolving over the next several years?
  2. What’s your gaming setup like? Have you gotten the chance to try out our Strike 3 gaming headset yet?
  3. What’s your all-time favorite game music track? I have quite a few to share, but I’d like to see what you have to say first!

Chat soon,

  • Aaron
  1. I don’t see it evolving much over the next several years unless they make VR more affordable for everyone. It would be cool to have a ready player one experience though.
  2. I mostly play on Xbox with the elite controller and since my Astro’s wireless headset died I have been using the strike 1’s.
  3. Favorite music track would have to be anything from Halo, just brings out the memories.
  1. As you said, VR will probably be the next frontier with some special audio capabilities with it.
  2. I’ve used the Strike 1 and is working well; I would love to try the Strike 3 though, looks very nice.
  3. I would have to say basically anything on the FF7 soundtrack. If I had to choose one, it would be Red XIII’s theme/Cosmo Canyon.
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As a gamer myself for the last 45 years when I started on a radio shack pong game system (that I still have and just found out that there is a coaxial cable connector for it), I do have some plans to get a ps5 or newest X"box" but tend not to buy the system when it first comes out due to some issues that other systems had when they first came out (overheating xbox fans for an example).

We have branched out to pc games as well (more of my kids than myself).

  1. With the Oculas Quest 2 and it breaking free from the PC, I can see a potential bigger VR boom coming with several more upgrades in VR visuals. As the VR potentially boom, I believe 8d audio will be incorporated more (especially on horror games). I am unsure what direction PS and Xbox will go after this latest console. I think xbox is sitting better in the sense of it is made by microsoft.

I personally love my PS VR system not just for games like Beat Saber, Rush to Blood as well as others but also for using the VR to play regular games or movies. The screen setting of large is like playing a COD game on a movie screen. (PLUS you can get on the web and view soundcore community as well. :wink:)

  1. Game setup span 4 rooms. I have my 2 ps3 in each of my kids room. My 2 ps2 are in their room as well. We have game cube in my youngest room. We also have two switches spanning one bedroom and the living room. We then have a PS4 with a VR system one living room and xbox one in the play room. The kids both have 2 gaming pc with multiple steam, Ubisoft, epicgames or other game launchers

I have used the Strike one for gaming as well as work stuff but had to do a fix on the head band with some tape.

  1. Love either any Final Fantasy music or the Legend of Zelda music as both are pretty good.
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  1. I dont think gaming will change all that quickly. Even with VR getting cheaper, people are always going to want to play a side-scroller, or another game with an “older” feel.

  2. As of today, I have a super basic laptop, and that’s it. The life Q30s have recently been added to the setup, though. I have not tried any of the strike headsets, although I would love to!

  3. Hollow Knight, hands down. One of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard.

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Hmm… this was the last game I played. :rofl:

Great : There is a store at the right and I am in front of the owner.

But do I need sound? :rofl:


Does this answer your question on whether I’m waiting to get next gen :grin:?

  1. I still think it will take awhile for major change into VR. Consoles are getting more like PC’s but people still like the feel of controllers (yeah I know you can do that on PC). You have to remember people like simplistic things like console so they don’t have to worry about upgrading or whether their systems meet the game requirements.
  2. Wanted to try the pulse 3D that came out with the PlayStation 5. I will probably wait a little bit to see about getting another headset that can utilize its capabilities. I have two TV setup in basement so I can game and the wife (watch shows) or kids (play very old vtech system) can be down there with me at the same time.
  3. So many different ones that get you into the game. A recent one I liked was Death Stranding music.

Oh man that’s quite a setup. No consoles here and haven’t had a decent PC/laptop that can run games well so can’t play games the way I would like. Some day maybe :smile:

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You will have to let me know on the ps5 plays.

With vacation in a,week and getting the oculus quest 2 256 gb for one of the kids and expensive lego for the other child, my seemed to have to wait a bit. lol. I saw something pretty cool though with the latest update… The ps4 has a remote access to the ps5 now .

I have heard that the way the ps5 setup their hard drives, it may changes the way laptops are built.

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Personally not a huge gamer but more so someone who just finds the new technology interesting or exciting
I don’t have either strike headset but have been looking into them a lot lately

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I enjoy my strike 3s, but only as a conference call headset so far.

Most gaming is in an Xbox one s. Easier and cheaper than a gaming rig, and good enough for my needs.

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I wanna get the ps5 soon but this really has me laughing :rofl:

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  1. I see a lot more games leveraging 7.1 and directional sound as well as 3D audio. I think the closer you can get to full immersion in games, that’s where the industry will go.
  2. I just got the Xbox Series S after using the Xbox One for a while. I also game on my PC with a rather old setup that I built in 2012. It’s way off from today’s standards but it still works for what I need. I love the Strike 3 though as it is my go to on PC. I just wish it worked on my Xbox because the audio quality and comfort are unmatched from other things I’ve used.
  3. I don’t really care what the music is like, but I play piano and Final Fantasy has some great pieces to play.

I know it is not for xbox one but have you tried it. I was able to get some turtle beach p11 for ps3 to work on ps4.

Wonder if is the USB that is the issue and not pulling enough power or what. I kinda wondered about hooking it to an Anker charger and see if would work that way (although I only have strike 1 right now)


To my knowledge, it is just a USB connection so it might work , but I don’t sit close enough to my console to plug it in.


1.At the rate of how fast tech is evolving I think VR gaming will be obsolete in a few years and would be replaced by something greater like AR glasses that can become VR in an instant kind of like turning a mobile device into a pair of glasses
I believe console gaming will become obsolete as well and eventually getting taken over bay pc gaming and mobile gaming.
2. I don’t really have a gaming setup because I don’t play any video games but the closest thing I have to my gaming setup is my workbench it has two monitors connect to my raspberry pi 4 which I use as a desktop at the moment and I haven’t tried out any of the strike headphones yet.
3.I don’t realy have one


Ooh. I played angband more recently than that. Still developed, still a great game. Low demands on the graphics card. And not much need for headphones.

@Duane_Lester the strike 3 does not work on the Xbox. Just doesn’t even recognize it as being plugged in. Maybe a driver issue, I just know it did not work.