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  1. I don’t see VR in our future. I’m sire newer and new and better things will be discovered and VR will be forgotten.

  2. I don’t play game consoles at all and rarely play games on my phone. I don’t see myself trying out the game Strike 3

  3. And since I don’t do gaming, I probably don’t listen to music and game


Do we think soundcore will make wireless strike headphones in the future?


I’d say that I’d expect more integrated graphics games similar to Pokémon go. However not something that appeals to me.

I haven’t done much gaming and still have a wii gathering dust, and a venerable Xbox 360.

Of all the games I have played, the halo soundtrack would be at the top of my list for gaming soundtracks. Mind you I don’t often have it on too loud, at to not get sniped by some sneaky Pete.


What is this??? Haha

Xbox all day. Just got the new Series X and love it. Now I just need a better TV …


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I need to check out Hollow Knight; I’ve never tried it.

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Current generation vr has made promises it can’t deliver on. Fooling the eye while leaving the body still is not as useful as people imagined. Motion sickness will always be a problem for many, and the immersion gets broken with out physical feedback.

But augmented reality (AR) has the potential to be far more interesting. It is already useful in industry, and will become far more so over time. Imagine repairing a car with an overlay showing where everything should be and highlighting the pieces that need to be removed. It could be amazing for virtual games with real world interaction as well.

So yes and no to vr coming into its own. Depends whether you count AR as a new thing, or just an evolution of the old.

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  1. I think that the VR sector and the regular sector of gaming will stay separated, due to the different experience between the two. Some people will want to do one or the other and perhaps both.

  2. I game on mainly PS4 and also a little bit of pc. I have gotten the privilege of trying the Strike 3, in fact, I won it for free. I think the only things that need improving is the fact that the audio is too quiet on the PS4 (could be the PS4), but it’s great on pc. I think the mic quality needs improvement but is fine overall. There should be lights off switch though. If possible, Soundcore could do a wireless USB receiver or Bluetooth version. I like it. 7.8/10

  3. This is the BEST track with no possible competitor.

Neon Colosseum - Pokémon Battle Revolution

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