Next rave release

When will the next rave release be??

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We, the forum, don’t know.
You could ask the support or the admins from soundcore.

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As @Chiquinho says best to ask via email.

I do see Rave like products here / soon but some may be specific to countries or shopping sites, so ask privately.

If you get a reply and they don’t ask you to keep confidential, then paste reply here so everyone knows to help a future search for the same question.

Usually companies keep secret about their upcoming releases.

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I agree with @VertigoXX. Normally the only people that would know work for Soundcore and the Beta Testers.

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Agree, but when it comes to marketing, a particular product they want to get attention, higher price items, then they begin hinting a week in advance, sometimes more.

However, those exact same products have the most review units out to have most reviews at launch, then that causes leaks 2+ weeks in advance, if only by accident.

But the Rave, they’ve been quietly releasing updates for a while. Hard to track each personally, I track most the ones I am interested in.

Rave seems more supplied in USA market. I see @updateusername is in USA so I expect your story will end good - make sure you tell them in email you are in USA. You may have to visit one of the big in-store places.

Sometimes they may accidentally drop the item on the app before it comes out. Do not think the did it for the pro 3.

They changed ACL for app from Play Services to in-app.

That meant the accidental drop at app release then stopped, it’s per-email address for beta. So if you get a beta product under embargo and want to test app have to email asking them.

In my view a much better way so it reduces the accidents.

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I’m waiting for it… I love the bass they put out… I use to 4 15inch subwoofers in a lil cavalier with one per subwoofer per amplifier 3 batteries 3 runs of 0 gauge Memphis power wire and it was ridiculous… IM FREAKING EXCITED… I mean 3 raves it already so loud… I get yelled at constantly but thats their own personal problem!!!
Sound core REALLY NEEDS to make an external power attachment for the rave…

A33A0 may be something. I can’t tell difference Rave vs Trance.

If you want something then you are doing exactly the right thing to ask. But not just here, drop email also.

Also if you’ve encountered similar minded folks, then get them to also email Soundcore. More who ask the more likely. They have multiple product lines and can prioritise one over another if they see interest.

I’d also expand more about features, what they must keep, what you’d like to add, and also what you don’t need so they drop features. Helps keep price down to remove unnecessary bits.

Just don’t do too good a job until these are all done :slight_smile:

Do u own the rave??? It’s 20 pounds trance prolly don’t even surpass 5 pounds

I think they need to double down on the rave…

This my next post idk how to share it…

I’m pretty sure that they won’t reveal this info but I’d like the brand, make, model of the 5.25 inch passive subwoofers they use… I have 2 of em in hand but there’s no stamped numbers on the magnets… I’m thinking about drilling a couple more holes in the box and mounting the amplifier into it and splicing the control into the original… When all is done it’s be 160 watts rms 360 watts max output… The Lil speakers with prolly blow the box apart to be completely honest… I have the wiring diagram and everything already jus need tech specs now… Have a blessed week!!!
!!!Much love soundcore!!!

No don’t own neither. What’s the width depth of your Rave? Is it around 9cm? I see something July.

Crossover option would be fire too tbh

10.5 inches depth x 10inches wide x 20 inches height… I own 3 raves 1 pair of q30 headphones and a wakey alarm clock… AUDIOPHILE4LIFE!!!

When I’m on my Honda ruckus I’m always stopped by people saying Jesus ###*g Christ that thing is loud

I don’t track Rave products particularly but I know it’s been a challenging year. Social distancing made the very setting a Rave is perfect illegal for months. That is easing in the more educated parts of the world.

They did a great success with the Powerconf for work-from-home, releasing 2 further products. I think it’s moved from Soundcore sub-brand to AnkerWork.

There 5.25 subs are 40 watt rms 80 watt max there’s 2 in each rave and party cast