No Anker On Board official post?

Did it seem odd that there was no official announcement on the forum from Soundcore team regarding the Anker On Board event yesterday where they announced a slew of new products? Nor any announcement of the products in the primary anker forums?

Thanks @The_Professor for the heads up. The Liberty 4’s and Anker 767 Power stations are both huge announcements.

EDIT: This is not to bash anyone or the company. I was more asking in generalities; if I had missed a post or if there was any obvious reason why the event or devices were not promoted/discussed on the forum.


Well it was not on Anker either.

Even before this there was no info for the q45 either when they came out

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Yeah, I noticed that with the q45’s too. The thing that was different with this for me was there was a massive event for them and no reference to it in ANY of the forums. It sprawled across all of their sub-brands without any information or a quick “Check us out twitter/fb/yt @ 7P tonight for some big news” or similar.

No posts about the event, and no information about any of the products 12+ hours after the event. So, so strange.

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Seems that both places, ANKER’s & soundcore’s forum are not important anymore.
There is no more need for the admins to care about the few regulars left on this unimportant places.


This is more of a dumping ground

I’m glad I shared the links so those interested could watch live, I recognised a few of you (e.g. Steve was there) in the chat.

At least we can now talk about the products now announced. I’m still going through the reviews, hope they send a unit to @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS for him to do at his convenience in the chat he said he was not involved in this so far.

I’m more into the “what’s inside” and so look at the early specifications when Anker releases them e.g. the A3953 Liberty 4 had information September 7th, the A6610 Sleep A10 August 23rd, the A3850+T0350 VR P10 August 16th but it’s not until launch do you get full details and not until owners get them their reviews give you the most accurate perspective. The powerhouse they were asking for reviewers last month for September and October.


It’s definitely odd here now. No official announcements of important thing like product releases, On Board show, etc.

It’s really to the point where this forum seems to be run by a few of us. I’m really starting to wonder if they are just going to shut this down?


It’s as if they deliberately just wanted the fewest online attendees.

But note the availability for most of these is not now, in the future e.g. L4 is shipping a month off when I look at Amazon.

So they may well wanted low key to not build interest which has waned when it’s shipping.

I knew Sean was there.

Yuk, NYC, I worked there for months.

But even the Amazon live events are becoming deliberately hidden this wasn’t broadcast

Seems now all those information is only told to a few very special “insiders”
via “unsocial media” or pm
The rest is not involved! :roll_eyes:

All, I’m considering just removing this post; this was not intended to spur ire, but I was genuinely confused about why I hadn’t seen this in any of the forums.

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I’d not delete it as Anker needs to read it when they eventually come here.

The event was planned for a while but the stock isn’t there to be the right time to build consumer interest.

I’d expect more to be said in next couple of weeks once stock builds. The surprise is the stock availability, so theory is they intended to do a bigger notification but they found the stock was late so dialled down interest.

The attendance made sense as there’s no/minor COVID rules between USA and Europe but there is returning to China.

I’d leave it as well. I’m not mad or irate, just a little confused. I’m thinking having product announcements and sharing links for major live streams would benefit them (Soundcore). I’m just confused as to why there aren’t happening anymore.

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Really strange. Zero threads from Soundcore for almost two months.
I was thinking to make thread about it but you were faster :wink:


I doubt it will be shutdown here, they are pointing to here to post suggestions.

Over at Anker community, from which this one forked off (checks spelling) around 3 years ago the primary admin left, replacement seemed part time then absent and next replacement seems to very little say once a month.

If you dig deeper, the effort is in brand partnerships and social media, i.e. they go to places where plenty of people are, and try to get noticed. If you then peel the next layer you see it’s better individually to network.

I understand they are focusing on Social Media. That still doesn’t explain what there are no official threads here of at least their new releases.

Isn’t this where people would go to read more about a new item that caught their eye on Social Media? Also there are people here that might not go to Social Media as much, if at all. I would say this place is now an afterthought, but I don’t even think it’s that much.


I think they should go back 2 steps, merge all back into one Anker community with subgroups for product families, people can then mute or subscribe to each subgroups and thread to tailor to their interests, allow future products discussion, and have prizes competitions based on talent.

Where, for example can the Nebula Capsule III available in November, or the Ankermake colour addon get discussion?

Work backwards from a community which shares tips tricks and help consumers solve niggles faster than support. That’s a community. One step before that is you need sufficient diversity of owners with hands-on experience of products to give good help. One step back from that is they need to know about upcoming products, which they buy, as it’s discussion in the community.

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So these both forums are not more of any need.
So lets face the reality and not beat around the bushes.

If one faces the reality, one has to see that.

This is only another suggestion one does.
We have done so many, really too many and nothing changed and happened.

Sean is also spread thin after Loz left in May, and Sean last seen here 3 weeks ago.

I am sure the few regulars left now will be also “spread thin” soon. :laughing:

All I was saying is if they won’t post official release threads here, then what’s the point of this forum?