No connectivity to left earbud on Liberty 2 Pro

I have been using my Liberty 2 Pros for about five weeks and all was good until today. Upon initial startup after removing the buds from the charging case the left earbud was unable to connect to my android (10) phone. I connected the right earbud instead, but when playing content there was only sound to the right earbud. Cycled power several times on the earbuds and phone, but the issues persists. I also tried to connect the buds to my Win10 laptop and experienced the same result: right earbud works but left does not connect to the device or the right earbud. Opened the Soundcore app on my phone and it only sees the right earbud even though both are powered on. The speaker in the left earbud still works because it will audibly report battery status (high) when cycling power. Is there any way to perform a hard reset on the earbuds or otherwise re-establish a Bluetooth connection?


  • Turn of Bluetooth on your phone
  • Delete the Bluetooth profile for the L2P
  • Put the buds back in the case- leave lid open
  • Hold the button on the back of the case until the LED on the buds turn red
  • close the lid for a few seconds
  • open the case
  • turn on Bluetooth on your device
  • wait for “liberty 2 pro” to show up, and click it
  • wait a few seconds
  • on the screen a pairing request should show up. Confirm it

Now both buds should be connected, and both stereo and mono mode should be working perfectly

Thanks for the rapid response. It worked! All is well, again. Thank you very much! I appreciate it.

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Glad to help out! Enjoy your earbuds!