No invoice for the Liberty Pro 2?

I got the Liberty Pro 2 yesterday, unfortunately there was no bill. Have since written support yesterday but no response. What kind of support should this be?

As stated in the other thread, this is really weird. It’s possible that the invoice went to your junk box.

I also recommend checking your online banking account to see if the money was taken from your account

I paid via Paypal and see it yes. There is nothing in the spam folder.

If it was sent to you it has been payed. :wink:

You might ask the support if they can send you a bill.
This is useful if there are some warranty issues.
But I dont hope so!

If I order something from I got the item first .
Then after while they debit it from my bank account.

I have asked Support but dont get a answer.

Give them 48hrs to respond… If not try sending a follow up.

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You should be patient, you will get an answer for sure.