No liberty 4s or sleeping ear buds available in Europe

So where are the new ear buds?

Liberty 4s
Sleeping buds

Can’t get them from Amazon or Soundcore Europe.

What’s up? ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯


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Does anyone know when these will be available in the UK?

Which ones?

I think in another post there was a similar question and I think somebody had asked that to and they stated they were working on it…

I would say contact them as well that you were asking about it too. They may give you more info or etc.

As I think several folks have emailed them on it, I would if I was you to ask them that question as more asking the more likely the will try to make it so.

Thanks. Been waiting to get the Liberty 4s. Will contact them.

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Q1 2023, they told me 2 months ago… Still waiting…

Suspect a few factory workers a little more sick than normal right now…

I will give up for sure, Honestly… I don’t know if i will buy a 6-7 months old buds when they will be available… I will wait for something newer…

Have you ever heard about the immense Covid-problems in PCR?

Sure, I’m just saying I won’t buy something is just old when it will be available in Europe…

I understand you of course.
But on the other hand :
“New created” products can be worse than old ones. :laughing:
Regarding bt speakers from other companies.

“Bose soundlink mini” second generation.

You are absolutely right…
An example, the Google Pixel buds pro.
The 99€ Galaxy Buds 2, sounds really really better then the 199€ Google Pixel Buds Pro.
Crisp Audio, better basses and louder volume.
So, you’re right.
Let’s see when Liberty 4 will became available in Europe.

I think they’re trying to up EPS focusing more than the chaotic 2021/2 they did.

If I were in charge I’d release fewer products less often with more differentiation, that increases quality of support so I can sell a more (seen to be) premium product to get out of a price war.

I’d though not focus on USA but also the usual bigger markets (Germany etc).

Some patience right now when the largest number of people ill and dead in human history is happening where the factories located.

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I think this is all of the things Anker make. But definitely need to use the German market which is the gateway to the euro market. I agree, that they need to focus on their quality earbuds like lib 4 and lib 3 pro. Make good products at good prices and focus on them.

I’m waiting for the lib 4 pro but I’m getting a feeling it won’t happen.

For sure a L3P successor would occur, at some stage. The later they do it the more differentiated. So I’m ok with it taking a while.

Right now I’m using regularly 4 Anker products, their discontinued around neck Slim+ , I prefer for the ergonomics convenience of around neck, harder to lose, always there, 10h battery life. Sad they discontinued. I used to use regularly their Q30 but 4th unit broke out of warranty and using Sony instead. Their X10 which I like for harder to lose with the hook, and their Frames for walking/biking.

I have some Q20 I got for free unopened, I’ll use them when the Sony broke.

The Soundcore prices as ridiculously high. I thought $20 for the Slim is about-right, the $100+ prices , I’m simply not spending that, I’ll make do, mend, go elsewhere.

I see Liberty 4 are now on EU store with €20 of discount :slight_smile:

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Wow good find Daniele
… Didn’t see that.

Now I’m going to see the reviews.

Has anyone got these, heard they sound great.

I’ve just ordered them from the website, I hope they will update soundcore app soon, now it’s impossible to use liberty 4 outside USA…

You can get around the app limitations its tied to the home account of the login.

Give it a “kick” via another account on phone and/or VPN.