Not able to pair with my 2017 MacBook Air

I have tried a few things on here unsuccessfully to try to get my new Soundcore Life P2/Total -wireless earphones to pair with my MacBook Air… any ideas?

Are they paired with and connected with another device already so won’t be in pairing mode and won’t connect to laptop?

Turn off Bluetooth on everything in vicinity they paired with first.

What all have you tried? Is the Macbook Air the new M1 chip? If it is M1, then it should be a compatibility issue with M1 chip. If it is older version, you need to give us more info about what’s going on. Did it pair at all? Have you tried to connect Life P2 with different devices?

The most common issue is connected to something so not in pairing mode. The next is they are stuck in a profile from a different age other device and have to turn off the other device BT, then turn off the buds, turn on buds, they then in pairing mode and try with laptop.

Shouldn’t need to reset for this problem but if the above doesn’t work then reset buds then try with laptop pairing again.

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