Not detecting Liberty Air 2 when connecting to the app

Hey everyone.

I’m getting this error every time I’m trying to connect the ear buds to the app. I’ve reset the ear buds, uninstall and reinstall the app, create a new account, pretty much all the troubleshooting tips I could find online.

The ear buds work just fine without it, it’s just that I cannot update them or even experience the HearID feature.

Has anyone experienced this issue before?

Best regards,

Carlos Militão.

  1. Go to Bluetooth and make sure the earbuds are paired to the phone.
  2. Make sure the earbuds are active in the bluetooth area.
  3. As state keep the earbuds close.
  4. Go to app, search for device.
  5. Click on device and it will state to click on bluetooth, then pair the buds stated.
  6. After that it will come back to the Air 2 page in the app and you can make changes.
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Tried the steps you mentioned and I keep getting the same error, try after try. :frowning:

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